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The Low Spark of High-Heeled Boys

We ended up at this funky, candle-lit (too dark, actually) place with ringlet-haired waitresses wearing patchouli and a large vegetarian selection. The important thing about the dinner I should relay is not anything to do with the food or what we talked about or anything like that, of course, but the fact that I FINALLY […]

Voices Carry

Outside rain was still coming down, but we walked along from awning to awning. We came to a used record shop that was open until midnight and browsed a while, and then one of the clerks recognized Ziggy and we signed a copy of the vinyl album from the original Charles River pressing. I was […]

Who Are You

Bart and I had lunch together in the hotel restaurant, where a burger and fries was a little pricey, but tasty. After wolfing the burger down I sat eating my fries one at a time, munching them from one end to the other. Bart had a turkey club sandwich, with ketchup. “You know,” I said […]