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You’re about to start reading a web serial. This is a lot like reading a novel, except instead of turning pages, you’ll be clicking through from one chapter to the next, to the next. It’s a lot like reading a web comic, too, except instead of pages of a comic, you’ll be going from text scene to text scene.

Some tips:
The chapters are short, usually around 1500 words each, sometimes as few as 500, sometimes as long as 2500.

Navigation links to the next chapter (and the previous one), are on the bottom of every page. You can also use the Table of Contents in the right-hand column to navigate if you prefer, but most people just click “next” at the bottom to keep going.

Also, every chapter ends with a link to a song or a video. You don’t have to click on these to follow the story if you don’t want to. But they are fun.

There are occasional “bonus scenes” offered for donors and supporters. These extra scenes are not necessary to enjoy Daron’s Guitar Chronicles. You can make a la carte contributions to the tip jar any time to get individual scenes when you want them, or you can become a Patreon supporter (by pledging $1 per week HERE) and unlock the full vault of extras for yourself.

Finally, if you prefer to read on an ebook reading device or read offline, four volumes are currently available for Kindle, Nook, and other reading devices. (Volume one is free in most ebook stores!) You can download the ebooks from here for a monetary contribution, or buy from the Kindle Store, Smashwords, and other online retail sites. For more ebook details visit the download page.


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