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It’s a long-standing tradition to toss a little money to those who have entertained you in your travels, but instead of a streetcorner to call my own, I have this corner of the information superhighway. Please toss some into my virtual hat using either Paypal, Patreon, or Flattr!

We’ll even reward you for chipping in! Story posts will go up on Tuesdays and Thursdays, but we’ll do a bonus post on Saturdays each time the tip jar reaches $50 in the course of a week.
hits a total of $100 in cumulative donations! You will automatically see the progress bar update when you make a contribution:
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(Note that the total after paypal fees is what’s counted. Paypal takes 30 cents per transaction plus about 3 percent.)

Not sure how much to give? Here are some things to think about:

$10 admission to a typical 2-hour Hollywood movie
$7.99 cost of a typical mass market paperback book
$2 cost of the daily New York Times

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Paypal lets you give the amount you want at the spur of the moment. You don’t need a Paypal account–you can use a credit card through the Paypal payment links and buttons. Either use the button below to give one of the amounts listed, or if you’d like to give a custom amount, CLICK HERE or go to the link https://www.paypal.me/daronmoondog:

Suggested contributions:

To give a customized amount you can now use this custom pay link: https://www.paypal.me/daronmoondog
Fill in whatever amount you like that is $1 or higher!

Make Ongoing Payments

Via Patreon:
patreon_buttonPatreon is a relatively new crowdfunding site that allows patrons to set up ongoing micropayments. I’ve set it up so that if weekly donations coming regularly through Patreon hit $75, I’ll remove the Project Wonderful ads from the site, and if weekly donations via Patreon get to $100 a week, I’ll change the posting schedule of DGC from twice a week to three times a week for as long as we stay at that threshold! To sign up to make an automatic micro-payment of one dollar per week, visit my Patreon page: http://www.patreon.com/ceciliatan

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If the dollar-a-week Patreon is a little too much for you, you can also set up recurring payments through Paypal, using this subscription button. Your choices are $1, 2, or $3 a month. (At $4 a month you should probably just use the Patreon!) Recurring paypal donors will get all the bonus material while their donations are active, but not some of the other perks Patreon patrons get (like all ebook downloads).

Recurring options

Donate by Mail: We’ll also gladly take cash, checks, beef jerky, and granola (er, packed separately please) at:
Daron’s Guitar Chronicles
c/o C. Tan
39 Hurlbut St
Cambridge, MA 02138

You can also support the site by telling your friends about us and having them visit. Follow the Chronicles on Twitter to get reminded each time a new post appears.

We host occasional Kickstarters (about every other year) to produce paperback book volumes, as well.

Wishlists: At the suggestion of some readers, you can gift things to me or Daron from our wishlists. Links: Daron’s wishlist, Cecilia’s wishlist. We use the widget that lets us add things from non-Amazon sites to the Amazon list, too. (Some folks are boycotting Amazon for crappy treatment of their workers and monopolistic practices that damage the book industry: do not take this as an endorsement of Amazon’s tactics.)


Want to give even more? $50, $100, $200? You could earn perks like a cameo for yourself in the book and your name on our Wall of Honor below! Yes, you can “underwrite” us like the cool cats do for NPR.

Welcome to the Wall of Awesome!

Platinum Donors & Supporters:

Each of these supporters of the site has earned a cameo in DGC either through donations or hard work on behalf of the site!
Sheeri K.
Chris S.

Consider becoming a one-time sponsor for the following amounts!

Platinum Donor: $250
Wow. You are a true patron of the arts. You get listed in the Wall of Awesome, as well as copies of all the ebooks, bonus stories, and any future ebooks that might appear based on the DGC website! Plus if you want to a “speaking role” cameo in the story, I’ll totally write you in.

Gold Donor: $200
You are really really cool. Amazing, even. You get thanks, as well as copies of all the ebooks and bonus stories, and any future ebooks. And you can get your name or appearance mentioned in a cameo in the story (non-speaking role).

Silver Donor: $150
Your support goes a long way! You get thanks, all the ebooks and bonus stories to date, and future ebooks as they are released! Plus you get to name a walk-on character!

Bronze Donor: $100
You get thanks, and also all the ebooks and bonus stories to date! (As of January 2016 that’s 8 full ebooks, and about a dozen bonus scenes and stories.)

Use this button to become a SPONSOR:

Sponsor Levels

Advertising or Commercial Sponsors:

I’ve had this info on the site since 2009 and not a single business has ever taken me up on it. But I’ll leave it here just in case:

$200 Underwriter — gets you one year of a text link ad in the sidebar and a permanent product placement (with link) in one of the chapters! (I should totally sell this to all the pizza places, guitar shops, etc… that I mention in the story, shouldn’t I. Uh huh. I don’t see myself actually actively seeking such, but if you have a business you want named & linked, contact me!)

$100 Premium Product Placement — gets you a text link ad at the bottom of the chapter for one year as well as a permanent product placement (with link) in a liner note mentioning you, and a permanent link in one of the chapters!

$50 Product Placement — gets you a permanent product placement (with link) in one of the chapters.

$25 — Just a text link ad from a single chapter for one year. It’d say “This chapter brought to you by….” with your name and a link.

The one caveat on product placement is that if your product is somehow utterly impossible to work into the story (because time-travel would be necessary, for example) at the very least it can be worked into a Liner Note post. Daron’s happy to talk about videos, CDs, MP3s, anything music-related, as well as Boston-area related.

To arrange commercial sponsorship, please email me at ctan.writer @ gmail.com to discuss the details and payment.

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