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Hi folks! Cecilia here. It’s been a while since I did a comprehensive news post, and I’ve been hinting in Patreon and on social media that some big things are in the works, so here’s a post of its own so that we don’t end up clogging up a chapter post with a bunch of administrivia. There’s a bunch so I’m going to dive right in:

New Paperback Editions

I’ve signed a deal for bookstore distribution of the series with Ever After Romance! (Ever After is a bookstore distribution arm for self-published books owned by Diversion Books.) This means a couple of things that are important:

  1. The old standalone paperbacks are going away as of December 1. All of you who have them right now officially have collector’s editions.
  2. The new Ever After editions will have new ISBNs and should be easily orderable into every bookstore in the USA.
  3. The Ever After editions will have updated covers. I’m going to keep using the same cover art/photos but a new type design and series design.
  4. The Ever After deal is for TWELVE books. The ten books that are already out will be instant backlist. Book Eleven, which is what we’re in the middle of posting now, will be solicited into the stores as a front list title.
  5. So will Book Twelve. And here’s the biggest piece of the news: Book Twelve will be the last book in the current cycle of DGC. BUT DON’T FREAK OUT. It’s not the end of DGC, just the end of these major plot arcs.

New Audio Editions

  • Part of the Ever After deal includes a deal with Audible! So there will finally be books four and up in audiobook form! (As most of you know, Audible did books 1-3 and then stopped.)
  • I don’t know yet what the production schedule for the audio will be. I’ll update you all when I find out.

Book Twelve is the LAST?!?!

  • Daron isn’t about to shut up any time soon. He’s got lots more to say. So don’t worry about that. He’ll still be around to give us our fix. But he wants closure on a bunch of looming plot points.
  • Book Eleven still isn’t done, but I think it’ll wrap up in a couple of months, and then book twelve is probably going to take a full year to tell, as well. So this isn’t happening quickly.
  • Some of you read in my newsletter that the “Secrets of a Rock Star” heterosexual romance series that I published with one of the “Big Five” publishers (Hachette/Grand Central) is officially over. The three books in that series dealt with the singer, guitarist, and drummer of a band called The Rough. If the series had continued we would have gotten to the bass player of that band, a quiet blond musician named Ford Cutler, Daron’s godson.
  • I’m not 100% sure if the next segment of DGC after book twelve will be Ford’s story, or if Daron is going to skip us forward in time a little bit, or what. Like always, I’m going to let him tell me what’s what in his own time. All I know is there will be more, but it’ll probably be discontiguous with books one through twelve as we know of them.

What about Patreon?

  • The Patreon will carry on as it has until book 12 is fully complete, and then we’ll figure out what kind of schedule the next serial will have. (Maybe nothing will change? I’ll know when we get there.)
  • Caveat: the patreon did *just* change from $1 per week to $4 per month. Please, if you’re a patron and haven’t adjusted yourself into the monthly pledge tier from weekly, please do right away. Although the money amount is the same, the access privileges of the two tiers are different (and the $1 tier will disappear when everyone makes the move).

What about Kickstarter editions?

  • Kickstarter: some of you are really fond of the big-ass superduper collector’s editions we’ve been making through crowdfunding. Far as I can tell, nothing in my contract with Ever After will keep me from doing these fan editions, but the sales of these editions may be limited to ONLY during the Kickstarter campaign. We’re behind by quite a bit, too. The three phone book editions we did only cover books one through seven. Eight, nine, ten would be up next? And then eleven-twelve to finish it off?
  • WHICH REMINDS ME OF THE FINAL THING I HAVE TO UPDATE YOU ON: If you ordered the third omnibus book through the last Kickstarter and did not get it, many of you will be getting it IN THE NEXT TEN DAYS. You’ll be getting two packages from me, actually. I’m having the books shipped directly from the printer, and I’m sending you an autograph plate to stick into the book in a separate envelope. In that envelope will be one more special thing that I’m only sending to Kickstarter backers: a card with the lyrics to a song Daron wrote that no one’s seen yet. Getting these packages will be: Amber B., Brian C., Chris K., Gina M., Jeff B., Jen L., Jules B., Kirasha, Stef.
  • After those go out, there are still a few unshipped books unaccounted for! My shipping records are ambiguous for the following people. Most should have gotten the book back in April-May 2017, but if you didn’t, whether you are one of these folks or not, please please please do let me know! I built some money into the budget to replace lost shipments so if something didn’t reach you, now’s the time to make sure I send it again. The following folks have ambiguous shipping status in my records: Annabeth L., Dave Ax., Deb At., Joe C., Le Men, Nona F, Steve Gis., Teresa H., Trevor B. I’ve sent email to the Kickstarter address but for some of you that might not be the right address?

Is that it?

Haha, no. Two more changes hit us recently.

  • Createspace (our POD printer) abruptly shut down their eStore. I used to be able to give you guys discount codes to buy the DGC paperbacks through a direct-sales site from Createspace. That back end is now GONE. So if you wanted to give any DGC paperbacks for Christmas, you can still order them THROUGH me, but they have to be ordered by December 1st when those editions are going away anyway bc of the Ever After editions. So email me if you wanted to get any paperbacks before the holidays and we can work that out.
  • DGC Volume Ten, which some of you have been kind enough to review on Amazon, just had its old page nuked and a new one had to be created. I had set it that ebook up through a digital service called Pronoun which abruptly shut down this month, too. But don’t worry, it looks like Amazon moved all the old reviews over to the new page, which can now be found here: http://a.co/56t4yhN. Thank you so much to everyone who has left a review so far!


    As mentioned above, if you want any of the DGC paperbacks of any kind to give as winter holiday gifts, ping me right away and we can set up payment and shipping. I’ll also be posting a list of what swag remains now — T-shirts, notebooks, necklaces, etc — in case any of that is of interest for gift-giving season (or self-care!) before the year’s out. I’ll try to have that list up by next week! (I need to inventory.)

    That might be it for now! I’m really excited about these new bookstore editions. Maybe Ever After won’t sell any, but given that my own ability to get the books into stores has resulted in ZERO bookstore sales, it couldn’t be worse. The audio deal alone makes it worthwhile. When books eleven and twelve come out they’ll get publicity pushes, too.

    Now, anyone know a good Hollywood film/tv agent?


  • s says:

    My heart stopped when you said the end… Keep chattering, Daron!

    This is exciting news! I would love to see DGC on-screen. And I can’t wait for my goodies! Thanks, Cecilia and Daron. 💜 you

    • ctan says:

      Heh, yeah, I tried to come up with a way to say it that didn’t use the words “the end” — which is why I sat on this announcement for a full week. 🙂 “Books one through twelve will make a complete set” just sounded euphemistic (if accurate) and I hope I didn’t panic you guys too much.

  • Stacey says:

    Ha. I know a TON of Hollywood film/TV people. The perils of my job. A good agent? Probably not… but will keep an eye open! 😉

    • ctan says:

      Grin. Yeah, my literary agent doesn’t really handle film/TV and DGC would be so difficult to adapt I imagine it would be a hard sell. But you never know?

  • Lenalena says:

    Do you have all the old volumes in paperback, or does it stop at #8?

    • ctan says:

      The old volumes currently stop at 8 — nine and ten I never had a chance to get into Createspace. (Although I have to test out the PDFs now anyway so I could do some.)

  • Missy C says:

    Hi I’m a longtime reader but have never posted before. I guess that makes me a lurker sorry. I don’t have paper books anymore but I have all the DGC on my Kindle. And I have to say I’m very excited about the audio news I am a huge audiobook user/ listener. I have the three DGC books on audio that are available right now but I will definitely be buying the rest when they come out. It would be lovely of Teddy Hamilton narrates I think he does a great job

    • ctan says:

      No need to apologize 🙂 Welcome to the comments section! I’m glad to hear you’re excited about the audio. I *love* the job Teddy Hamilton did on the first three so I really hope we can get him again. A lot of that is going to be out of my control, so we shall see. Here’s hoping, though!

  • Frral says:

    Pretty much every time I recommend this story to someone (which is often) I bemoan the fact that it doesn’t have a wider audience. So exciting that bookstores will help out with that!

    • ctan says:

      I really hope so. Most of them probably won’t jump on it, but I hope some will! 🙂 And it means if anyone goes in and asks for it, the bookstore will be able to order it in easily, just like it came from a big publisher. So here’s hoping!

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