Give me your favorite songs from the Eighties

OK, it’s official. Daron’s Guitar Chronicles will start posting again on November 10th, with a Tuesday/Thursday posting schedule. As before, any week where the Tip Jar gets $25 or more will trigger a Saturday post, as well. Sales of the ebooks through the DGC site will count toward the Tip Jar total, as well!

What we need from you folks right now is titles of your favorite songs through 1989. Actually, we can go right through 1990 at this point. So comment here, or on Twitter, or Facebook, with title of song and artist. I’ve titled most of the chapters I’ve written already, but there are always some that still need one, or need a better one. If you’re really motivated, a link to where the song can be found on Youtube or other linkable site would be awesome as well.

The first few posts will be the long-promised Remo flashback story, we’ll have some art from the fabulous Tab Kimpton, and then the Chronicles will pick up a little bit ahead of where we left off.

We last saw Daron in San Francisco as the B-tour was winding down. We’ll pick up with him at home with the A-tour — and some major decisions — looming.


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