Art: Daron by Tab Kimpton

Happy Thanksgiving to US readers, and happy 3rd Thursday in November to everyone else. I’ve got one more special post to do today before regular Daron posts start again. Some of you may remember I took donations some months ago with the intention of passing them on to artists for commissions.

Tab Kimpton is one of my favorite artists. His webcomic Khaos Komix tells the interlinked stories of a group of gay, queer, and trans British teenagers. By turns funny, touching, suspenseful, and heart-stopping, Khaos Komix is one of only two current webcomics I actively follow. (I have several others I wait to catch up on every few months…) To say I recommend it highly is an understatement.

Anyway, Tab’s rendition, under the cut:

Daron by Tab KImpton
I’m very pleased with it. 🙂 And Daron’s favorite color is red. (That is, after black, which he says isn’t a color and that’s the point.) He was upset when his favorite red flannel shirt wore out last winter and I replaced it with a green one. I finally got another red one this month. (I still wear the green one, too, though.)

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