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Okay, an enthusiastic reader convinced me to try this. In the scene just past in Daron’s Guitar Chronicles (“Madness: One Step Beyond”) our narrator has non-anonymous sex for the first time in recent memory. His account of what happened once they got their clothes off is somewhat artistically summarized.

I’ve been convinced to write a “blow by blow” version, for donors only. It’ll be sent via email.

Anyone who throws a tip of at least a dollar* into the jar before midnight on April 9th will receive an email with this special bonus scene.

Click the Paypal button here to contribute, or Paypal any amount directly to “” !

Also remember ALL donations count toward triggering an extra story post! Whenever the tip jar hits a total of $100 there’ll be an additional chapter that week! (Then we go back to zero and start again.)

Suggested contributions:

Daron’s cringing right now, but don’t worry, I’ll get him drunk and get him to spill the beans. *cracks knuckles*

UPDATE: This offer is still good for new readers at the site. Just be sure when you make your donation to mention you want me to email you “Daron and Ziggy’s first time” aka “Heat of the Moment.”


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