Last hours of the Kickstarter! UPDATE: DONE!

And we’re done! Woo! The Kickstarter is done! And in the end the grand total including Paypal donors came to $5,458! So all rewards are unlocked! I’m totally ecstatic. We’ll be doing individual paperbacks as well as the omnibus, and as promised everyone will be getting a backstage pass! Those who ordered physical rewards will get a laminated one and those getting digital rewards will get a PDF you can print yourself.

Tomorrow I hit the road to New Orleans for the RT Booklovers Convention. I come back for 2 days then on to Wiscon, then back for 2 days and off to NYC for Book Expo, the Bisexual Book Awards, and the Lambda Literary Awards. So I won’t really be back in the office until June 4. But I ordered the backstage passes today, the stuffed animals for Ziggy to decorate have been ordered, for the T-shirts I’ll send backer questionnaires around asking for sizes after I pick what brand they’ll be. More info on that coming. And the omnibus is in its first pass of page proofs! It’ll go through proofreading which will take about a month. So we’ll be ready to print in June most likely!

I’ll send the official Kickstarter backer surveys out in a few weeks when the packages are closer to being ready to ship. Those of you who donated via Paypal I’ll send a separate email to with the details so you can confirm your shipping address, etc.

Thank you everyone. This is a huge success. We reached every goal except the one to revamp the website, but some things are in the works that may lead to that happening anyway. So really, everything is GREAT. You’re all great.

Since I’m leaving Saturday morning (tomorrow) I’m not sure if I’ll get a story post up, but I want to, to thank everyone for a great great effort. Check the site because I’ll do it if I can!


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