New ebook is live! DGC Volume 6!

I know I said I was originally going to release this on January 5. Then I realized I’m going to be on vacation in Disney World that day. Aha. Fortunately my proofreader finished quickly, so I bumped the release day up to December 29th! Which is today!

Book Six should now be live on both Amazon ( and Smashwords (

At Smashwords you can purchase ePub and other ebook formats.

I’ve also installed a new Shopping Cart/downloadable products system here at DGC. I’m still working out the bugs in the system, but it will let people name their own price for ebooks (with a minimum price of 99 cents each). Right now the system is mostly working with a few glitches in providing encrypted download links! So if you want to buy the ebook from me directly, you can! Check out the updated Merch Page here:



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