Fan post: Chat Transcript

As some of you know, Cecilia’s on a cruise to Alaska right now. But if you missed last week’s chat with Daron and her in the DGC chat room, here’s a transcript!

    Daron M.   Nine minutes. Go gather the troops. I’ll post on twitter.

  • Amy Crook Are the cats the troops?

  • Cecilia Tan LOL. I better keep them out actually. Or they’ll walk on the keyboard and such.

  • Amy Crook It’s cute when they show up in the videos though 😉

  • Daron M.   Yeah.:-) OK, it’s 8 eastern, yes?

  • Cecilia Tan Yes.
    Sorry, I’ll be there in a sec. Youtube is being cranky.

  • Daron M.   I’m on the West Coast at the moment. But my sense of time is never that great.

  • Cecilia Tan The sun is setting here and there’s a cloud that looks like it’s on fire.The sun is only hitting the very top of a tall thunder cloud. It’s behind a tree so I can’t get a good photo but it’s neat.

  • Amy Crook The sun’s finally coming out from the clouds here

  • Cecilia Tan But did you get any rain yet?

  • Amy Crook Hahahahaha

  • Daron M.   By the way, "guests" — let us know who you are if you’re comfortable. Or you can be anonymous. No pressure.

  • Amy Crook We don’t usually get rain until Sept at the earliest, more like Oct/Nov most years

  • Daron M.   You can also log in with twitter, FB, etc and get a name and avatar that way.

  • r chris k  Hello!

  • Daron M.   Hey Chris!

  • Cecilia Tan *waves* to Chris

  • r chris k  Just seeing that "hey chris" made me grin!

  • Daron M.   So who’s got questions for me? You guys can talk to ctan anytime.

  • Cecilia Tan I dare you to make the questions good and embarrassing.

  • Daron M.   Hush you troublemaker

  • r chris k  Curious what Daron thinks of Tokio Hotel…

  • Daron M.   They blow my mind. Ziggy’s stepchildren. Don’t you think?

  • r chris k  I’ve kinda imagined Bill Kaulitz as Ziggy’s step-child or something

  • Daron M.   When did they hit the scene in the US, early 2000s? When it was time for grunge to start to fade a little. Everything goes in cycles I guess.

  • Cecilia Tan Musically I feel like the cycles are shorter and shorter, though. Everything comes around faster now.

  • r chris k  Yeah… it was mid-2000’s that I picked up on them

  • Daron M.   I see some more guests have hopped in. Pile on guys. As they say in the interwebs, "ask me anything."(And you don’t have to say who you are, but if you log in with FB or Twitter you can have an avatar and name)

  • Cecilia Tan I have a question for you actually. What do you think of the new Adam Lambert album?

  • Daron M.   I haven’t had a chance to hear it yet. I’ve heard Ghost Town a lot, but I need to sit down with the rest of it. I’ve been on the road and I haven’t been listening to much new.I love Ghost Town, though. I’m hoping the rest is as good.Different, but good.

  • r chris k  when you get a chance to listen to Another Lonely Night, please let me know why there seems to be a cow moo-ing…..

  • Cecilia Tan I haven’t given the album five full listens through yet and you know it’s my rule not to judge an album until I have. But I’m not impressed with most of the tracks on first impression.The "moo" is just one of the reasons.

  • r chris k  There I Said It grew on me, and so did These Boys… but other than that, although I’m trying REALLY HARD… just not diggin it yet

  • Daron M.   I haven’t heard that one yet. I did hear "Original High" — and I thought well of course they wrote a song called Original High to use the highest notes he can sing. They’re all music nerds, I’m telling you.

  • r chris k  But Adam is kinda like Ziggy in that he could just stand there an sing the phone book and I’d love it….

  • Cecilia Tan I think I like Adam Lambert much more than I like the album. My general impression is that most of the songs ANYONE could have done. Any white "soul" singer. Justin Timberlake. Meh.

  • Amy Crook The whole album’s slowly grown on me, but it hasn’t been the "oh wow I love this" that the last one was

  • Daron M.   I’ll download it when we’re not chatting so I don’t kill my bandwidth.

  • Amy Crook But given that this one has sold WAY better than the last one, clearly I’m not the majority vote

  • Cecilia Tan Has it? I haven’t kept up with the charts or anything. I’m too busy writing.

  • Amy Crook I follow him on Twitter and he said something to that effect that this one was doing really well

  • Daron M.   I follow him on twitter too but I’ve been lax about reading it lately

  • r chris k  Daron, different label, different support… you know about that… what do you think?

  • Amy Crook i know the last one, even though i adored it, didn’t perform "As expected"but i also don’t remember the haze of publicity for that one that he’s been doing

  • Daron M.   Oh I think it was a great move to get the **** off RCA. When I heard they were like "the only album we’ll support from you is 80s cover songs" I was not shocked he walked.

  • Amy Crook apparently ghost town hit #1 in australia or something? so wacky

  • Daron M.   Whoa! The chat room censored me!

  • Amy Crook LOL that’s awesome

  • Cecilia Tan LOL! We didn’t test that the other day!

  • Amy Crook So I have a stupid reporter question, D, what’s your favorite/least favorite parts of being a rock star?

  • r chris k  By the way… Hello to the multi-talented Amy Crook!

  • Daron M.   Overall I think Adam Lambert is making some very tough choices in a very turbulent business. I think he’s more popular overseas than he is in the US, too.

  • Amy Crook Hi, Chris!

  • Daron M.   My favorite part of being a rock star is playing music for a living. Can you imagine what I’d be like flipping burgers or something? Oh wait someone wrote that fanfic.
    But seriously making it as a creative person — it’s a blessing every day, even on the bad days.My least favorite thing is that the music industry is built to ream you and squeeze every last thing you love about music out of you.

  • r chris k  How cringe worthy is it when you see 50+ year old women carrying purses with your face on them? Saw that last year when Adam was with Queen… even I cringed…had to think it would creep him out a bit….

  • Daron M.   Wait. That came out kind of harsh.

  • Amy Crook I think it was supposed to be harsh, D

  • Daron M.   It bothered me a little bit when we first started getting famous, that people — no matter what their age or gender — were wanking to photos of me. I got used to it though.

  • Amy Crook Also, pretty topical given where we are in both wattpad and the main readthrough

  • Daron M.   Part of the package is being a sex icon. I don’t mind that. I do mind people who take it too far, i.e. climb up balconies to try to get into Ziggy’s room and that kind of thing. It’s always Ziggy’s room, of course.

  • Amy Crook The problem isn’t with being wanted by people you don’t want back, it’s the ones who try to take what they want anyway

  • Daron M.   Tony caught this one girl who actually got trapped outside the window so he really rescued her, And she had six purple dildos in her bag. And I was like okay wait, but why six?What was she thinking?

  • Amy Crook Maybe she wanted him to sign them?

  • Cecilia Tan cat crawling on me brb

  • Daron M.   I have a strong feeling that autographs were the furthest thing from her mind.

  • Amy Crook ssh leave me my delusions
    I had a friend with a vibrator named ‘lex’ and she would’ve given anything to have that actor sign it (rosenbaum?)

  • r chris k  so, i did something crazy last year and got an autograph tattooed…. i feel like now i need to put a note under it that says,… "really, not a crazy stalker"

  • Amy Crook …which is creepy

  • Daron M.   But yeah, music industry… maybe I should not whine, maybe it’s not worse than any other capitalist thing. I dunno. How about this: the hardest part is meeting so many people. I get drained and shut down sometimes.

  • Amy Crook We knew that about you, D

  • Daron M.   I’ve seen a lot of autograph tattoos in my time. I think they’re awesome.

  • Cecilia Tan Yeah, I’ve seen a fair number of them. Chris, whose autograph if you don’t mind me asking?

  • Daron M.   You are nosy.
    People are supposed to be asking US questions.
    Not the other way around.

  • Amy Crook It’s an AMA, nosy comes with the territory 😉 Did you ever get any tattoos, D, or is that a spoiler?

  • r chris k  *blushing*…. Johnny Weir

  • Cecilia Tan We’re "chatting" duh.

  • Daron M.   Oh hell yeah Johnny Weir.
    I’d break into his hotel room with 12 dildos.
    (just kidding)
    (I mean not kidding about Johnny Weir. Just the dildos.)

  • r chris k  OMG….ROFL

  • Cecilia Tan Well Daron it’s never to late to write that Johnny Weir/Sergei Polunin fanfic you’ve been meaning to.

  • Daron M.   No that’s YOU dear.

  • Amy Crook you’d have to make an alt pseud on ao3 just for D

  • Daron M.   OK what other questions you got for me folks? I disappear in 25 minutes. Don’t be shy just because I am.

  • Guest
     Hello finally found the chat room

  • Daron M.   Hello! I *think* if you want to see the earlier parts of the chat you can enlarge the window and the scroll up. But scroll all the way back down to see new stuff appear.

  • r chris k  Daron, at least you didn’t have to deal with fan feuds on social media early in your career. Poor Tommy Joe Ratliff has fans brawling on FB and Twitter.

  • Cecilia Tan Yeah, and guests, feel free to use the login button if you want us to see who you are in social media. 🙂 (OK to lurk though)

  • Amy Crook I never quite got into TJR fandom beyond my friend sending me daily videos of the "Fever" kiss while they were on tour

  • Daron M.   Yeh, I follow TJR on twitter, too.

  • Cecilia Tan I saw a really sad post from Maggie Stiefvater today on Tumblr basically saying dear fans, I’m not one of you, please stop trying to make me one of you. I need to write my books in peace.

  • Amy Crook I think it’s appropriate that that friend is now into 1D fandom, somehow

  • Cecilia Tan I totally appreciate that she needs to protect her muse, and that the Tumblr hordes can get really demanding (she’s a YA author) but she was like please back off from asking me to validate your smutty headcanons.

  • Daron M.   1D is highly fascinating to me, as you might imagine.

  • Cecilia Tan I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, half the fun of DGC for me is that I am basically just the #1 fan of it in a way.

  • Amy Crook Yeah but she’s asking them not to pull her into sexualizing her teenage characters, which I consider totally valid

  • B Cynic Ok I have a login now

  • Amy Crook Just because I used to write Potter chanfic doesn’t mean I think everyone should be comfortable w/ sexualizing teenage fictional peopleI mean, it’s sad, but I understand her position

  • Cecilia Tan True but I think there was a lot more than that. THat was only one of the things she has said lately. Going back to the TommyJoe fans, she has felt it was thrust on her to be the referee in fan wars and that just wasn’t fun.

  • Amy Crook Yeah, that really sucks

  • Cecilia Tan Hi Bonnie!

  • Amy Crook Daron, do you ever get drawn into people asking you to validate their weird interpretations of songs?

  • Daron M.   If ctan is my first fan, Bonnie’s the second. That’s how long she’s known me. Since New Jersey.

  • Amy Crook (look
    at me being on topic)

  • B Cynic Hey there I’m just figuring out where the conversation’s at

  • Daron M.   LOL.
    The great thing about songs is that the more interpretations the better it is.Half the fun of writing a song is completely hiding what it’s "about."Which would be why I wrote so many songs about Ziggy from 1988-1991…

  • B Cynic It was interesting to find out what candlelight was about

  • Daron M.   But
    yeah, there are some people who have like a conspiracy theory and
    will be like "you’re saying Oswald didn’t act alone,
    right?""Paul is dead."It took me a long time to get
    around to telling you guys about Candlelight, didn’t it.

  • r chris k  I
    was on a conference call today, and in an instant message challenge
    only some of us were clued into, we tried to respond to questions
    using titles of Jane’s Addiction songs… that was kinda like hiding
    a joke in plain view…

  • Amy Crook It did, but it was worth the wait. You wouldn’t be you if you weren’t reticent.

  • Daron M.   I had a teacher in music school who used to say "Everything is everything." It turns out to be true."Standing in the shower, thinking."

  • Cecilia Tan Oh, I know what I needed to ask you guys. I’m going to take a vote on what I should read in the video portion of the chat.I’ve got three choices. I’m not going to take the votes down now but I’ll tell you what they are so you can think about it?

  • Daron M.   Oh

  • Cecilia Tan DGC
    Book 7 runs from chapter 505 to 584. It’s basically from the trip to
    Seville through a bunch of Boston-NY-LA-NY and ends in New York.

  • B Cynic i like where Daron reunites with Ziggy for the 1st time

  • Cecilia Tan So here are the choices: chapter 532, which is the Angstfest at the Carlyle Hotel the first time you see him in a while, chapter 570 which was the time you saw him in LA at Remo’s house, or the bonus scene where you and Colin get it on after you get home.
    Grin. Great minds think alike.
    Actually, could I get a volunteer from one of you guys who will be going from this chat to the video chat to be the one to tally the votes?

  • B Cynic 532

  • Amy Crook yeah, as much as I adore the Colin **** I think 532 would be more interesting to hear
    hahahahahaha it didn’t like p o r n even! wow
    that’s censorious

  • Daron M.   LOL I was trying to figure out what word you used there

  • Amy Crook i like how it made it accidentally into a ‘worse’ swear

  • Daron M.   "The Colin ****" could be so may things.many

  • Amy Crook right?

  • Daron M.   "Angstfest at the Carlyle Hotel" is the name of my next album(jk)

  • r chris k  Amy… write some FanFic Colin ****

  • Cecilia Tan yassss

  • Amy Crook …maybe? I feel weird about writing Daron fic, it feels a little too much like RPS about someone I know

  • Daron M.   LOL.

  • Amy Crook I have a pretty hard RPS squick in general (which is why I follow Adam and not Tommy)

  • Daron M.   I see.

  • Amy Crook And you know, writing about someone who answers my weird tweets at midnight is… weird?

  • Cecilia Tan Btw, Sanders and Amber and Amanda have this idea about starting a designated fanworks day every month

  • r chris k  I
    apparently have No Boundaries… so NOW I’m talking in Adam Song Titles

  • Cecilia Tan I think they’re thinking they’ll pick a theme and invite people to create stuff? I am leaving it up to them.I just want people to be creative and have fun.

  • Amy Crook Nah,
    Chris, I have weird squicks.

  • Daron M.   If it ain’t fun don’t do it? For whatever your definition of fun is.

  • B Cynic for some reason I always imagine Colin as looking like the lead singer of Green Day or the punk guy in the film Jennifer’s Body

  • Daron M.   I
    like the art btw.
    Colin is built a bit like Matthew Lillard
    At least the way Matthew Lillard was in the 90s

  • Amy Crook I’m glad you do! I want someone ELSE to write that threesome for me. 😉
    And call it "The Colin ****"

  • Cecilia Tan OK we’re coming up on just a few minutes until we switch over to the video chat. Everyone know where we’re headed?

  • r chris k  I tried… couldn’t do it… maybe I do have a boundary

  • Daron M.   Here:

  • Cecilia Tan Maybe I’ll have to write it as a bonus for something. Hmm….I won’t be able to check this chat window and also the one on Youtube so hop over to youtube to ask me questions there.

  • r chris k  Blowing
    kisses goodbye to Daron!

  • Cecilia Tan I am having a little trouble connecting the stream at the moment so give me a minute.

  • Daron M.   Bye everyone. I’ll do another one of these in like November?

  • B Cynic SLC punk ok

  • Amy Crook November sounds good!

  • Guest 8956625 bye :’)


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