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In yesterday’s post, at the bottom, I mentioned I’d written a bonus scene that people have been asking for, and what one has to do to get it. Yes, the scene is written already (Daron wouldn’t leave me alone until I wrote it…) and so here are more details on how to get it ASAP:

Basically, fans of Daron’s Guitar Chronicles, you’ve been asking for a threesome scene between Daron, Ziggy, and Colin since all the way back in book four, I think? (When they were on tour in Florida?) Well, I finally picked Daron’s brain about what his fantasy threesome would be like, and wrote the scene! And it is hot, so hot. But it’s not your typical bonus scene.

So to get it, I’m not going to ask for the typical thing (donation) but instead for something else to help Daron’s Guitar Chronicles: Amazon reviews. Amazon reviews actually make a big difference in the sales of most books, and ours are, well, a little anemic. So:

Each person who posts an Amazon review for books 2 through 7 will get the bonus scene. To get it, email me at ctan.writer @ with your review (cut and paste, link, whatever) and your age statement that you are 18 or older, and I will email you back the scene as soon as I read your email. Easy!


I know some of you don’t use Amazon, and some need not to review for privacy reasons, though. So this is a collective effort. If we can get each book from volumes 2 through 7 up to 20 reviews total by October 1st, I’ll release the scene for the entire fandom to read! (Well, behind an age-statement wall, but you know what I mean.) So even if you can’t review, urge others to and we’ll all get there together, OK?

Here are links to the Amazon pages directly and which chapters correspond to each volume, so if you’ve read them here on the DGC site, you can write a review even if you didn’t buy the ebook from Amazon:

That’s it. I think I made the goal do-able!

If by some chance we blow past 20 reviews for each book, maybe I’ll let you guys vote on another fantasy scene as a stretch goal? Think about who you’d want–or who you’d want to put Daron with. (RPF?) I definitely enjoy writing these scenes…!


P.S. First review’s already in and the bonus scene is off to the first reviewer! Thank you!

P.P.S. If you reviewed the books already, thank you very much! Email me your age statement for the scene!

P.P.P.S. A couple of people have asked me what to write in the review. I think a review doesn’t have to be a big essay. The most important thing is just to tell people what you liked about the book! That’s the most helpful thing for the next reader trying to decide whether to buy or not.


  • Amber says:

    Amazon won’t post my review so I need to figure out why and resubmit it.

  • s says:

    That was…holy fuck that was hot! Ctan, you are brilliant. And Daron, thanks so much for letting us read this!

  • cayra says:

    I’m very excited already.

  • Amy says:

    I have a stupid question — is there somewhere that summarizes what’s in each “book”? DGC is basically one giant story in my head, so I haven’t reviewed any of the “books” in part because I have no idea what happened in which book (and sadly Wattpad is not helping).

    • s says:

      I had the same problem. Ctan gave the chapter numbers in this post so I skimmed a few of those, then read the summary of each book on amazon. I also “cheated” and read the other reviews which helped quite a bit. Hope this helps.

    • ctan says:

      The descriptions of each book on Amazon give the rough time period (on tour, etc) and I listed the chapters above so you can see the start and end point for each. Generally speaking though:

      Book 1: Providence to Boston & meeting Ziggy
      Book 2: The band struggles, goes on tour as opening band for MNB, gets signed to BNC
      Book 3: Recording of 1989 and then the warmup tour
      Book 4: part one of the major headlining tour
      Book 5: part two of the major headlining tour
      Book 6: breaking up with BNC, the whole Jonathan LA experiment, tour of Japan/Australia
      Book 7: Spain and then the reunion with Ziggy

      • Amy says:

        Thanks! I have attempted a review of v7, we’ll see if that works before I pummel my poor brains for the others (I am really seriously terrible at recs & reviews, there’s a reason I never do them).

  • Bill Heath says:

    Just use the words “compelling” “addictive” and “genius” and comment on how the characters are fully three-dimensional, the situations and the scenes are realistic, the writing is superb, and then add some fluff. It’s easy.

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