Thursday Fanwork: Flip’s Story by Mark Treble

The first of the Thursday Fanworks is fiction by Mark Treble, who included the following note:
This is a work of fiction and all names used are fictional. It is fan fiction based on the “Daron’s Guitar Chronicles” series by Cecelia Tan. There are no copyright restrictions on this work and it is free for such use as the reader may wish, without attribution.

Flip’s Story

Daron and I were bullshitting one night and I don’t know what came over me. I hadn’t even thought about it in at least a decade.

“Yeah, I sucked a few dicks in college.” What had motivated me to tell him that?

Daron’s gay, maybe that was it. I knew he used to be all upset about it, shut in the closet, thinking it was perverted or wrong. He’d matured a lot since I first met him on the Japan tour, and maybe he needed to hear that there were more than two brands of sexuality.

I told him about fraternity initiations and how we all had to give blowjobs to our Big Brothers. They made us get on our knees in front of our Big Brothers, who whipped out their cocks. Somebody counted to three and yelled “Go.”

I wanted to join the frat, so I went. I figured everybody would be doing it. There were fourteen of us, and thirteen were sucking to beat the band. Johnny, my roommate, was having none of it.

“I’m not queer, god-dammit!” I looked to my side and saw him refusing. His face showed clear revulsion. Well, every one of the Big Brothers had done it as a pledge, we all wanted to join Gamma (no jokes about Gay here) and figured this was just part of it. Nobody said a word.

“I’m not fucking doing it.” Johnny was not getting into the frat, I guessed. It was a shame because he and I had become really close. I was a music major and Johnny was majoring in business. He was a few years older than the rest of us, I don’t remember the story, just that he was.

My Big Brother spurted and I spit it out. So did most of my pledge brothers, although I learned later that a couple had swallowed their sponsor’s semen. I guess if you’ve just given a blow job, that didn’t matter.

Nobody said a word. The brothers put their schlongs away and zipped up. The pledgemaster (Henry? Harry?) motioned for us to stand, then gave us a signal to go to our rooms. Johnny and I walked out of the basement and up to the second floor.

As soon as we were in the room Johnny spun me around. “I don’t care what the rest of you faggots do, but I’m not sucking dick. It’s fucking perverted.” I just stared at him. He then sat on his bed and put his head in his hands. Johnny appeared to shrink before my eyes.

“What if I don’t get into Gamma?” Johnny was looking petrified. His father had been a Gamma, his older brother had been a Gamma, and he didn’t think he had a choice. “I’ve got to find some other way to get in besides sucking Dennis’s cock.”

I sat down next to him and put my arm around him. He lay his head on my shoulders and I could feel his breath staggering. “I’ve got to get in. But I’m not a homo like the rest of you.”

“Why do you think I’m a homo?” I was genuinely puzzled. He pulled back from me, so I picked up my guitar and started picking. I was a French horn major, meaning I had as many chances at post-graduation employment as there were symphonies in the country. Each of which already had a horn player. I was secretly hoping that some strange malady would strike all the symphony horn players at the same time and I’d have my pick.

Yeah, right. That’s why I had picked up guitar.

“Johnny, I’m not queer. I’m as straight as you are. You know we’ve done some pretty crude shit already as pledges, this was just one more.” I stopped when Dennis walked into the room. He motioned for me to leave.

I went downstairs to the kitchen and got a beer. A couple of other pledges were there along with a dozen brothers. Every one of them had a beer. Well, it was a frat house. That’s what you do.

I heard feet upstairs – lots of feet – and the pledgemaster led the parade of brothers and pledges. All sixty three of us – forty-nine brothers and fourteen pledges – headed for the basement stairs. The brothers gathered on one side of the room, the pledges on the other. Then the Big Brothers walked over to their Little Brothers, took them by the arm, and led them to the side. Slowly, brothers and pledges migrated until they lined the walls.

I looked at Vic, my Big Brother, but he didn’t approach me. Dennis didn’t approach Johnny, either. Vic held my gaze and mimed taking off his shirt, so I dropped mine to the floor. He mimed taking off his pants and I followed suit. He motioned at my mid-section and clearly indicated that my briefs needed to join the rest of my clothes. They did.

Dennis motioned at Johnny, who looked like he was going to cry. We weren’t supposed to talk during pledging activities, but I reached out and put a hand on Johnny’s shoulder. He shrugged my hand off. Then he stepped back and fell to his knees. When his hand closed around my prick I got the fastest hard-on of my life.

Johnny played with my dick for a while, then tentatively licked the head. I said, “It’s OK, you don’t have to do that” and was immediately hushed by Vic. I had fucked up and spoken. Johnny didn’t seem to hear me, though. Tentative licks gave way to a tongue bath of my mushroom head, then his tongue was licking the underside of the head where it’s so sensitive. Then he flattened his tongue and ran it up and down my cock.

I’d gotten blow jobs from girls before, of course, just not as many as I claimed during the bullshit sessions. I think ninety percent of what we said during bullshit sessions was just that, bullshit. But we all pretended to believe each other. The Emperor really does have no clothes.

Johnny slowly backed off, then his head came forward again and he swallowed my cock whole. He wasn’t sucking, just bobbing his head up and down on my erection. Jesus, he was good. After a minute he became more animated, then he started sucking, bobbing his head and licking like crazy. At one point he pulled away and started sucking my balls, then returned to my rod like he was dying of thirst.

Another thirty seconds and I couldn’t hold it. I tried taking his head and moving it back, but he resisted and sucked harder. I fountained cum into his mouth and he kept sucking, taking it all in. For a guy who had refused to give his Big Brother head he sure seemed awfully eager.

I didn’t say a word. Johnny looked up at me, a dab of semen on his chin, and mouthed “Thank you.” I had no idea what had just taken place. Well, sure, I knew I had just gotten the best blow job of my life, but I still didn’t understand the whole thing. Dennis motioned at Johnny to stand up, then mimed taking off his clothes. Johnny quickly stripped completely. When he took off his boxers his hard on slapped his stomach.

Jesus Christ, my roommate had gotten turned on by giving me a blow job.

Vic and Dennis motioned us to follow them. We walked up two flights of stairs and into our room. Dennis motioned for Johnny to get in his bed, which he did. I started to get into my bed and Vic stopped me. He gestured at Johnny’s bed. This evening was just getting stranger and stranger.

The two brothers walked out and closed the door behind them.

“What the fuck was that all about?” I was looking at my roommate like he’d grown a fourteenth head. Well, I probably would have been less surprised if he had. He had just given me the best, most enthusiastic, blow job of my life.

Instead of answering Johnny kissed me. I was shocked and couldn’t respond. When his tongue started probing my lips, I let him in. He ravaged my mouth, biting my lower lip, then ran his tongue from my mouth to my ear and down my neck. He let his mouth trail wet kisses across my chest to my nipples. He licked one, then the other. Then he was sucking on them and nibbling at them and I thought I was going to explode. His mouth continued downward and he stopped just short of my cock.

“Can I do it again?” He looked and sounded like a little boy pleading. I couldn’t find words, so I just nodded my head. And I got a blow job better than the first one.

Johnny had lost all inhibitions, and I was ready for it. He was so eager and aflame with lust he kept sucking and licking long after my balls had emptied themselves into his mouth. Finally he lay back, contentment on his face. “Thank you.”

I have no idea what came over me, but I had to reciprocate. I skipped the preliminaries and went straight to his erection. I tried deep throating him but gagged. I had to let go of his member to get myself put back together, then went at it again. I got most of him in my mouth and focused on enjoying the moment. When he rewarded me with his ejaculate I didn’t even try to spit. I swallowed.

The next morning we woke up together naked in bed. I had morning wood, and Johnny took care of that with gusto. While he did I jerked him off. He wound up with a mouthful of cum and I had a handful of goop.

“Why me but not Dennis?” This had me confused. I didn’t think my roommate had been lusting after me all semester, then again I didn’t think he gave world-class blow jobs either.

“I already did Dennis. You can’t tell anybody,” Johnny pleaded. Of course I couldn’t.

That day nobody said a word about what Johnny and I had done in the basement. Gamma has a code of silence about everything that happens during pledging.

For the rest of the semester we slept together almost every night. Johnny would feast on my rod and I’d masturbate him to orgasm. Sometimes when he was finished I’d give him a blow job. I mean, after the first one, what’s the difference? And, every time, Johnny said, “You can’t tell anybody.”

We roomed together the next three years. I dated girls and so did Johnny. We worked out the “tie on the door handle” signal. Some nights in the frat house two-thirds of the doors had ties on them. Gamma was known as a fraternity of cocksmen, but just how accurate that was for me and Johnny I don’t think anybody knew.

About twice a week I’d bring a girl back to the room to fuck. Johnny did so maybe once or twice a month. The other nights we took care of each other. Eventually, of course, it happened. Johnny stopped in the middle of sucking me and asked me to fuck him. I thought that was pretty gay, then thought about us sixty-nining the previous night. Sure, that wasn’t gay. I had to explain why I laughed, but Johnny didn’t think it was funny. “It’s not gay, I’m not gay. And you can’t tell anybody.”

Johnny was a pure bottom. He used his mouth to roll a condom on me, then put the bottle of lube into the microwave for a few seconds. No shit. I’d gotten used to cold lube, but the warm stuff was agonizingly erotic. Johnny lay on his stomach and I prepped him with my fingers and warm lube.

I’ve never figured out what guys get out of bottoming, but whatever it is Johnny had it in spades. I’d just added a third finger to prepping him when he screamed “Fuck me now!” Well, OK. I let the head of my meat prod at his opening for a few seconds before he shouted again. I slammed it home.

He was so tight, tighter than the most constricted pussy I’d ever encountered. His muscles gripped my length so hard it actually hurt. And I knew this had to be hurting him, but he kept demanding more. I fucked him hard and fast because, well, what else does an eighteen-year-old know how to do it? I know I was supposed to find his prostate and keep pegging it, but this was my first time. If my dick had been much longer I think I might have been pegging his vocal cords.

I couldn’t hold out any longer and filled the condom. I reached under Johnny and touched his erection, which went into explosion mode immediately. We lay there for a minute until he started to force me off of him. I dismounted quickly and he said, “You can’t tell anybody.”

After that he begged me to fuck him every night, even if I’d just walked my girl of the moment back to her dorm. He stopped sucking me so I’d have more energy to fuck. And, I only sucked him once or twice a month. Or maybe a week, I don’t really remember.

After each of our sessions Johnny would say, “You can’t tell anybody.” I think some of our fraternity brothers knew what we were doing, but it had started during pledging and, well, there was that code of silence.

Finally it was graduation. Right after we threw our caps in the air I sought out Johnny and hugged him. “Get your hands off me, homo.” He was dead serious. “I’m not queer like you.” Holy shit, talk about denial.

I packed up my horn and my guitar and headed to Nashville where I washed dishes for a couple of years before catching on with a band as a second guitarist and tech. Johnny went off to graduate school and I never heard from him again, at least not directly.

I learned through the grapevine that he moved to Boston and changed his name. Instead of Johnny Miller he was now John Mylar, or Myles, or something like that. Last I heard he had gotten a job as a big shot in some music recording company.

That was pretty much my whole experience with sucking dick. A year after graduation I couldn’t make rent one month and my landlord said he’d let it slide if I’d let him fuck me. “No way, but I’ll suck you instead.” He was fine with that. So, until I left Music City I gave my landlord a blow job every week instead of rent. Fair trade as far as I was concerned.

Not a single dick has entered my mouth or my thoughts since that year. Daron’s a good looking kid, and he’s gay, but he’s my friend and band mate and in any event guys don’t do anything for me. I’m strictly into pussy these days and loving every minute of it.

Come to think of it, Daron’s from Boston. I wonder if he’s ever heard of John Mylar, or Myles, or something like that, at a big music recording company.

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