Casting Call: Ziggy Ferias

Character Overview

Ziggy Ferias is a singer, performer, “orphan vampire child.” (His last name sometimes spelled as Farias).

Ziggy is a significant figure in the story, both musically and as Daron’s love interest. Ziggy is charismatic, talented and difficult. We see him through Daron’s eyes except for a brief POV change where Ziggy takes over as narrator.

A talented singer would be ideal but (as with Daron), the charisma and ability to work with a range of complex motivations is as desirable as musical talent.

Initial Callout


Bill Kaulitz [Agent – Amber B]

Bill Kaulitz [Agent – Amber B]

Bill Kaulitz [Agent – Amber B]

Mitch Grassi [Agent – Amber B]

Bill Kaulitz [Agent – Chris]

Mitch Grassi [Agent – Amber B]

Mitch Grassi [Agent – Amber B]

Luke Spiller [Agent – Kerri]

Carlos Gallardo [Agent – Bonnie]

Christopher McCroy [Agent – Lena]

Orlando Bloom [Agent – Bonnie]

Sahid Kapoor [Agent – Stephanie]

Shaun Fleming [Agent – Bonnie]

Jesse Rath [Agent – Sanders]

Dave Navarro [Agent – Stephanie]

Dave Navarro [Agent – Stephanie]

Dave Navarro [Agent – Stephanie]


  • Bill Heath says:

    Amber’s first picture of Bill Kaulitz gets my vote; each of the submissions is fabulous.

  • ctan says:

    All I can say is… Bill Kaulitz wasn’t even born yet when I started writing Ziggy. I feel a little like he escaped my head into reality. Wow.

    • daron says:

      I just Googled him. Bill Kaulitz was born in 1989 literally days after Ziggy’s maybe-not-suicide attempt.

      Why is everything a metaphor? Why?

      • ctan says:

        Are you surprised no one brought up that Adam Lambert went through a Ziggy phase?
        Adam Lambert in Ziggy mode

        • daron says:

          Plus he’s got the vocal range. Waaaay too tall, though. Then again any actors they found to play him and me are probably going to be too tall no matter what…
          Adam Lambert snazzy

  • Iain says:

    Dave Navarro seems a rather dramatically different direction from the others, somehow. Though that may just be that I know who he is, and apart from Orlando Bloom, I don’t really know anything about the others. Navarro does seem to have an edgier, sharper presence than the others, though.

    • sanders says:

      Stephanie and I were talking either at brunch or the tattoo parlor one day and realized Navarro is probably the best image of Ziggy in his 30s and 40s we could imagine. Inked up, mellowed, and still inappropriate as hell.

      I went with Jesse Rath because he’s an actor who has nearly literally been a chameleon in his roles. Plus the hair in that photo just seemed extra Ziggy. Anyway, he’s worth a google. I watched him on two different Syfy network shows back to back and failed to realize he was the same actor, both due to make-up and costuming, and his ability to transform himself between roles.

    • daron says:

      The funny thing is that Dave and I have a lot of musical similarities.

  • G says:

    Oh my you guys, you’re killing me here. Such beauty. My images of Ziggy and Daron are always so amorphous, you know?

    • s says:

      I don’t really think there is anyone that IS Ziggy to me, because Ziggy is Ziggy. I can see him in most of these pictures but he’s still…different from them all, too. Daron, though, once I saw the pic of young David Gilmour, it stuck. That’s my Daron now. Maybe I’m biased because Pink Floyd is one of my favorite bands and favorite comfort music (which parallels my feelings about DGC), and they are both amazing guitarists and songwriters. It just fits perfectly for me.

  • Amber says:

    Wow, I hadn’t realized I sent in so many pics. The first photo of Bill Kaulitz is still the closest to the way I picture Ziggy.
    I love seeing everyone’s choices.

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