Admin: New Idea Regarding Bonus Posts and Posting Frequency

Okay, so, everyone (me and Daron included) really enjoyed the three posts a week we ran at Daron’s Guitar Chronicles during Web Serial Writing Month. And I’ve been thinking, donations have been terrific, but they tend to come in a spate whenever we make some kind of special offer, so bonus posts are not being triggered regularly.

Here’s my idea for the coming section of plot. Instead of a money incentive, how about everyone helping out growing the readership of the site? Here’s how it’ll work. Instead of just raising $100 in donations and saying we’ll run 3 posts a week for an entire month, how about 100 “points”?

Each dollar of donation is one point.
Each new Twitter follower is one point.
Each Tweet or RT with a link to DGC: one point.
Each link to DGC in a Facebook status: one point
Each blog entry pointing people to the site: 5 points!
Forum/discussion/etc post pointing people to the site: 5 points!

To get credit for the points in tweets and posts, please reply here with a link so we can verify it.

You guys have until October 7th to raise as many points as possible. If we hit 100 by then, there will be a Liner Note post on the 10th, and then we will switch to 3 posts a week for at LEAST a month. If you guys go really crazy and earn 200 points, I’ll make it 3 posts a week for TWO months. 300 points, THREE months. Just in case you really go nuts, there will be commensurate reward.

Regular bonus post rules will also apply, so if more actual money comes in, there could be 4 posts a week! But I figured I wanted people to feel like they could contribute somehow besides just opening their wallets.

Final thought: in the future I’d like to come up with other things readers can do to earn points toward more posts. Got any ideas? Should comments count for points? How about reviews left on sites like the Web Fiction Guide? How about fan art? Part of the whole fun of a web serial is that it is a two-way interaction, and not just the one-sided, solitary act of reading a printed book, so I’m trying to think of other ways this could work. Your suggestions welcome!


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