Liner Note #13: Photos of the band

Cecilia here today.

Those of you following the DGC Twitter feed have already seen these images, but here they are for everyone to enjoy.

I was searching through a stock photography site for a book cover for something else entirely, and stumbled across a photo that had Daron written all over it. And even more startlingly, there on the same page, was one that could be Ziggy. Whoa.

I immediately dug out the old Spin article (which is about to come back into the plot, by reader demand) and typeset it (horrible sans serif fonts and all) in the Spin style, inserting the photos. It’s a full-color PDF, if you’re interested click here.

I’ve been looking for potential “played by” photos of the guys for quite some time (years!), and just wasn’t finding anything among the famous actors and real life musicians that would work. I could make comparisons to Michael Hutchence and Tommy Shaw and whoever, but couldn’t point to a photo. But now you can finally get at least a glimpse of what they might be like!

These photos are very specific, and each captures an emotion or a feel that fits, as well as just a general visual sense. Interestingly, on the stock sites I use, you can “search for more images of the same model.” Neither of them looks at all right in their other photos, which just goes to show how ephemeral it is to capture a character.


You can’t see the blond streak in Ziggy’s hair in the photo of him, and besides, his hair changes every few months anyway. So much about this image captures him — shirtless, the nightclub setting, indeterminate ethnicity, and just hugging the guitar (which he can’t play). Ziggy’s image is Copyright © Erwin Purnomo Sidi and I have purchased it for use on DGC.


As Daron wrote, “I hate my publicity photos like normal people hate the way their voices sound on tape.” What caught my eye about the black and white one was a certain kind of sullen vulnerability that really fits Daron. Plus it does look quite like him, and he’s holding the guitar like a shield. In the color one where he’s actually playing, his hair is hiding his face, which is another really standard Daron thing. These images are Copyright © Branislav Ostojic and I have purchased them for use on DGC.


One last image I bought just to round out the article’s layout, is meant to be a screen shot from the Candlelight video. It’s mentioned in the story that BNC screen-shotted a bunch of shots for the press kit that was handed out at the Limelight press conference. (This image Copyright © Dwphotos. All of the images in this post I found via the stock photo site, which I highly recommend.)

I also looked and looked for someone for Bart. No luck yet. I did find a few that are Bart-like, but none of them are right. In case you’re curious, here are links to a few: Bart-like #1, Bart-like #2, Bart-like #3 (especially with the girl kissing him).

Christian, by the way, looks like a young, skinny Warren Lapine (former editor of sf magazine Absolute Magnitude). (Here are a couple of images of Warren from the current day, which is to say he’s in his 40s and isn’t skinny but still looks damn good here: one, two)

Thursday we’ll have the bonus Ziggy story, where he recounts the trip to Arizona to film “Why the Sky” and then on Saturday we resume the regular story posts with the arrival of the band in Philadelphia, where an unexpected guest is waiting for Daron.


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