Any way you want it… by Amber

And as if he were proving my point of last night, Ziggy was bristling with manic energy, throwing himself from place to place on the stage while he sang; the wireless mic freed him to whirl like a dervish, to collapse at my feet. I played looking down into his eyes while he lay on his back and sang. I taunted him with riffs, exchanging looks and music until he narrowed his eyes. Whatever game we were playing he seemed suddenly sure he could win it. As he began to sing the next chorus, the look in his eye changed from maniacal to feral and the meaning of that look struck me full on as if he’d mouthed the words “fuck me” right there. I felt a surge of energy up through my spine and I closed my eyes as I went to my knees, the part of my brain that wasn’t pulling the solo out of my fingers wondering if Bowie had ever taunted Ronson like this.

The quote above is from DGC Chapter 73-Any Way You Want It.

Since we can’t actually watch Daron and Ziggy’s stage antics I thought it would be fun to post some videos of Adam Lambert and Tommy Joe Ratliff. These are mainly fan made videos where fans compiled their favorite “Adommy” moments taken mostly from the Glam Nation Tour Adam did in 2010. I tried to keep the list short but, yeah, that didn’t happen. I actually started with over 40 videos (I could have had more but I forced myself to stop looking on YouTube) and pared it down to 23. I hope you enjoy them. Thanks to all the fans who filmed these and edited them all together. And the biggest thanks to Adam and Tommy for the fan service. And thank you to ctan for letting me post it here.

Beat Me Up-Allison Iraheta (I think Daron could definitely dedicate this to Ziggy.)

Ooh Ooh Baby-Britney Spears (Another one I think Daron could dedicate to Ziggy.)

I Get Off-Halestorm (I think Ziggy could be saying this to Daron or the audience.)

Tonight I’m Fucking You-Enrique Iglesias (Ziggy to Daron)

Here is the most favorited “Adommy” moment.

Did you notice how Adam got Tommy’s lipstick all over him in the above video? Hence the next video.

I Kissed A Boy-Cobra Starship

Filthy Gorgeous-Scissor Sisters

Flaunt It-TV Rock

Hey Pretty-Poe

The next video was made by Paula Coots, author of Another Rock Star If you haven’t checked her book out yet, do so. It’s awesome. If you love DGC you should love Another Rock Star. Book 1 is over a thousand pages long and it gets pretty dark at times but it is well worth the journey. I can’t wait for book 2.

Letters From The Sky-Civil Twilight

Stay-Rihanna (Adam singing)

Straight… To Number One-Touch And Go

Can’t Help Falling In Love-Darren Hayes

Something In Your Mouth-Nickelback

Flesh-Simon Curtis

Hot Sahara-Fans Of Jimmy Century

Cuckoo (acoustic)-Adam Lambert (No kissing in this one but I think Tommy is just adorable here and I love how they keep missing looking at each other.)

The rest of the videos have the actual audio from whichever show was being filmed.

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Comments 4

  1. Amber wrote:

    Thanks for putting in the links to Paula Coots and Another Rock Star. I meant to ask you to do that and forgot, so I’m glad you did. :-)


    Fanworks Wrangler Reply:

    You’re welcome! It was really an easy post, you had everything laid out nicely :)


    chris Reply:

    Didn’t Paula say recently that the next book after Another Rock Star is almost ready for release?


    Amber Reply:

    I may be wrong but I think I saw somewhere that it should come out in October.


    Amber Reply:

    I’m glad you weren’t bothered by the fact that there were so many videos. I had laid it out in a private blog on my website to see what it would look like and then just copied the text and sent it to you.


    Posted 06 Aug 2015 at 10:15 am
  2. s wrote:

    God I want to see Ziggy and Daron taunting each other on stage again… These videos and that excerpt from the chapter reminded me how much I miss it. I also think I’m gonna have to check out this ‘Another Rock Star’ book. Thanks for entertaining me today, Amber!


    Amber Reply:

    I’m glad you were entertained. :-)
    And do check out the book.


    Posted 06 Aug 2015 at 12:56 pm
  3. chris wrote:

    Thank you for this post! Seriously… Thank you… Wow…. yeah…. Thank you! I’ve been so disappointed that Tommy isn’t playing with Adam this time, because Tommy is amazing. I know I’ll be looking at this post MANY MANY times. Did I say Thank you?


    Amber Reply:

    You’re welcome! :-)


    Posted 06 Aug 2015 at 10:33 pm
  4. ctan wrote:

    I’d seen some of these in my Adam Lambert deep dives on YouTube, but not all of them. Some are really crazy hot. Like, better than porn film hot, so far as I’m concerned. *fans self*

    Thanks for sharing them, Amber!


    Amber Reply:

    I just keep finding more. I promise I won’t keep adding more but I just found this one and thought the song fit Daron and Ziggy so well and the video is just, wow. I know it won’t let me publish the video in the comments so you’ll have to do it but here it is.

    The song is “My Obsession” by Cinema Bizarre.


    Amber Reply:

    Cool. It actually posted the link this time.


    ctan Reply:

    I can also embed it when I post from the dashboard in WP:


    Amber Reply:

    You’re welcome and thank you for letting me post them. :-)
    And, yeah, definitely better than porn.


    Posted 06 Aug 2015 at 11:26 pm

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