Casting Call: The music biz

Character Overview

Not just a story about a talented musician navigating the music scene in the ’80’s while being gay – DGC shines a light on the biz itself.

This callout is for characters who work (or hang onto those who work) in the music biz.

Initial Callout


Bart is Daron’s oldest friend and bassist.

Ezra Koenig [Agent – Kerri]

David Bisba [Agent – Lena]

Jet Li [Agent – Bonnie]

Josh Groban [Agent – Stephanie]

Hale Appleman [Agent – Sanders]

Actors details to follow (Bart and girlfriend, Michelle) [Agent – Cecilia]


Christian is the drummer for Moondog Three

Dave Ellefson [Agent – Kerri]

Mark Ruffalo [Agent – Bonnie]

Matthew Felker [Agent – Stephanie]

Chad Lindberg [Agent – Sanders]

Warren Lapine [Agent – Cecila] NB Lapine is a newcomer, no previous acting credits.

 John Mills

Mills is the A & R department head for record label BNC

Paul Williams [Agent – Bonnie]

Grant Hart [Agent – Bonnie]

Jordon Travers

Jordon Travers is an A-list record producer assigned by BNC to Moondog 3.

Jellybean Benitez [Agent – Bonnie]

Shemar Moore [Agent – Sanders]

Alex O’Loughin [Agent – Bill]


Matthew is a guitar tech for Remo Cutler on Nomad tour

Legs McNeil [Agent- Bonnie]


Watt is the head of Charles River Records.

Rick Rubin [Agent – Bonnie]

Lester Bangs [Agent – Bonnie]

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