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Meat Puppets

The middle of the night dilemma: Orgasm had relaxed me and a panic attack had cranked me right back up. So, what to do? Colin gave me a sip of whisky out of his metal flask and ordered me to lie back down. He proceeded to walk the heels of his hands up and down […]

American Music

After the shows at Nassau Coliseum, everyone had two full days off. Most of the band and crew took those days off in Cleveland, where the final leg of the tour would start. I stayed in New York. The first day was a Monday and I slept until I couldn’t sleep any more, which was […]

Something to Talk About

When I woke up I had a moment of disorientation for two reasons, one, because I slept so hard at Ziggy’s (and therefore forgot I was at Ziggy’s) and two because somehow we ended up sleeping across the bed instead of the normal direction. Once I got past my moment of where-the-fuck-am-I, though, I felt […]