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Meat Puppets

The middle of the night dilemma: Orgasm had relaxed me and a panic attack had cranked me right back up. So, what to do? Colin gave me a sip of whisky out of his metal flask and ordered me to lie back down. He proceeded to walk the heels of his hands up and down […]

Chant No. 1 (I Don’t Like This Pressure On)

There’s a moment in one of Shakespeare’s plays–maybe more than one, they blend together in my head–where a guy gets stabbed and then he has to comment on the fact that he’s just taken a knife to the gut and what it feels like. I don’t actually remember what he says, but it was one […]

I Need to Know

I ended up in the parking lot of a Circle K, at the pay phone on the outside of the building, on the phone to Carynne. “Daron, are you crying?” “No, I’m not crying. What the hell makes you ask that?” “Well, you sound upset.” “I am upset.” I was not crying.

Ship of Fools

Grab hold, don’t let go Not done with you yet Lady Fame, she’s an old flame Don’t let her down yet It was still an uphill battle to get the song together. By mid-afternoon we knew what most of the pieces were but we still weren’t close to being ready to record it in a […]

The Whole of the Moon

We were still getting by with no dedicated drum tech, with various guys on the crew just setting the stuff up. Colin had ended up doing most of it. The thing was you needed a guy to hit the drums while another guy adjusted the mics and stuff (and a third guy worked the sound […]