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Black Magic Woman

I got through the show that night without too much trouble, but as I might have mentioned, doing three nights in a row can really be rough on the body and the band. At least all three of these were in the same venue so it wasn’t quite as tough as having to do the […]

I Want to Break Free

After our soundcheck was done I handed my guitar to Flip and slipped over the front of the stage. I climbed up the steps of an aisle between seats–shallow but numerous so it took a while. Ziggy didn’t look up. I reached the back row and then walked along behind it. I had almost reached […]

Free Fallin’

That phrase of Ziggy’s rattled around in my head to the point where I had to write it down as a song lyric because it had a kind of bluesy rhythm to it: “Nothing that time won’t fix.” Downbeat on “time” is the three. You hear it? One-and-nothing that TIME won’t fix. Thing is, I […]