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Hit the Ground

Colin and I had the following very terse conversation after sex. I don’t know if the terseness demonstrates how well we knew each other at that point or that we were emotionally stunted. Me: Something’s changed. Him: Yeah. What, though? Me: Dunno. Him: Is that bad? Me: Not sure. Him: Not sure either. Me: Should […]

Time the Avenger

The next day’s show was in Hiroshima, which I had been pronouncing wrong my whole life. In my history class in tenth grade the teacher called it Hero-SHE-muh. Rocky spent a while trying to get us all to say Heh-ROE-shima. I think, as Americans, we felt like having bombed the crap out of the place […]

Small Blue Thing

That was the afternoon I started teaching Colin to play the guitar. It was more or less a dare. “I can’t play the guitar,” he claimed. “Sure you can,” I argued back, and that led to me teaching him.

The Logical Song

I was in a pretty foul mood when Remo knocked on the door the next day. I had been awake for hours, watching TV and staring out the window. “Want to sit in on the Musician interview?” he hollered through the door. I went and sat in the suite and kept my mouth shut while […]