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Welcome to the Jungle

The crowd that night was just as aggressive as the night before. And something else new happened. We got booed. Not a resounding boo, you understand. We were still the headliner, but we were in Megaton’s hometown, and when they were getting off the stage after their set–which was a full hour-long set with one […]

Is There Something I Should Know?

Colin was waiting for me to finish my little chat, off in the wings. I asked him how his fingers were holding up. “A little sore, but okay,” he said, then blew on his fingertips. “You want your dog tags back?” “Thanks.” I took the laminates on a lanyard he held out to me. One […]

Something So Strong

The interview went on for a while, we signed all the things, shook hands with some more radio personnel, and then the car took us back to the venue. The place was the Sam Houston Coliseum and the limo driver, who said he used to work as a tour guide, told us the Beatles and […]

Where is My Mind?

No one said much of anything on that bus ride. Then again everyone was asleep for most of it. Everyone except me, anyway. I kept thinking things might get stressful and so I really ought to get as much rest as I could, and that just led to me worrying about not sleeping, and, well, […]