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Golden Blunders

(Notice to Kickstarter backers! Surveys are out! Please respond ASAP: look for email from Kickstarter asking to confirm your address and other info! More below… -ctan) Since I’d last visited Sarah her career had taken a couple of leaps and turns. (I forgot to say: we did go out to dinner once or twice when […]

Of Course I’m Lying

When there were only six days left before Ziggy’s thirty were up, Remo’s phone rang and I answered it, figuring it was the pool cleaning crew or something. But no, it was Michael Chernwick asking me if I could “show my face” at a meeting that afternoon. It took me a minute to remember Chernwick […]

Welcome to the Jungle

The crowd that night was just as aggressive as the night before. And something else new happened. We got booed. Not a resounding boo, you understand. We were still the headliner, but we were in Megaton’s hometown, and when they were getting off the stage after their set–which was a full hour-long set with one […]