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So You Think You’re In Love

“Your new manager is pretty great, you know that?” Courtney said to Ziggy. “The man first of all is a walking Rolodex, and second of all, not an apparent slimewad.” “I’ve liked him so far,” Ziggy said with a small shrug.

Gone Daddy Gone

(Wrapping up the Amazon reviews campaign: if we can get just THREE more reviews for Volume 3 and four reviews for Volume 7 by Monday at midnight, I’ll release the bonus scene on Wednesday. Dunno why vols 4-5-6 lagged, but they’re all in double digits now so I figure that’s very respectable. Thank you everyone […]

Get the Message

Soundcheck went all right. Everyone seemed mellow, and pacing themselves for three days in a row. We didn’t need to overdo it and after six weeks on the road it wasn’t like anyone needed to learn anything new. After we were done and the other bands were doing their checks, it felt to me like […]

Just What I Needed

(By popular demand! Everyone wants to know what Daron was up to last night. Our usual m.o. when a graphic erotic scene might occur is to only send it to those who make a donation. But since we have a Kickstarter going on right now, I made a new reward there which will be anyone […]

More Than A Feeling

Opening night we played to a packed house of 7500 people at a music hall in San Diego. Remo told me we would be playing mostly venues that size or smaller. This was what they called a “warm up tour,” to let the band break in new material in front of smaller audiences. In a […]