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So, I was expecting a bout of insomnia, but I guess all the alcohol and turkey outdid the stress, and I passed out not long after J. and I got in bed. Jonathan, on the other hand, apparently lay awake thinking about everything he had seen and heard, and Jonathan being Jonathan, made up stories […]

Oh Daddy

The doorbell rang while I was on my second cup of coffee, which was after I had tried all the pies. The caterers had set up a big pitcher-Thermos sort of thing with the last of the coffee and had just left, so when it rang everyone assumed it was them coming back for something […]

Don’t Dream It’s Over

(Don’t forget! This Saturday, 5-9pm US eastern, the DGC 4th Anniversary Online Celebration! Bookmark the new DGC Chat room for the 5-7pm live chat with Daron and ctan: http://daron.ceciliatan.com/chat-room and then at 7pm ctan moves to her uStream channel for the video portion! Rumor has it she may read from Colin or Ziggy’s stories! More […]

Running Up That Hill

Thanksgiving arrived a few days later. Jonathan had insisted I call Remo to find out if we were supposed to bring something, and Remo told me to tell him that if he felt it was necessary not to walk into someone’s home empty-handed for etiquette reasons, we could bring a bottle of wine. Jonathan went […]