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If you’ve gotten used to the rhythms of Daron’s narration, you’ve probably figured out by now that the slower he goes, the closer he is to a major breakthrough in his own head or major plot point. When each post is a different city, he’s in cruise control. When all of a sudden you get 5, 6, 7 posts all in the same city or the same day… he’s working up to something. Right now he’s working up to a conversation he’s been needing to have for a very long time.

When he does, that pretty much ends the current plot arc. At that point I will have a major decision to make about where the narration goes after that. The main decision is whether to keep moving at the pace we are, rolling right into the major follow-up tour, or skipping forward to working on the next album. Daron kinda wants to skip forward. I kinda want to see what happens day to day. But narratively, maybe a break from the tour format might be refreshing for readers.

So to that end, here’s a poll, just to see what you think!

Meanwhile, on the fundraising front, the art campaign wasn’t hugely popular, but I’m definitely commissioning a piece from Tab Kimpton, and I also corresponded with EK Weaver though I haven’t gotten a confirmation yet. I will post the art when I get it. Thank you for supporting the queer-positive crowdfunding community interconnected with DGC. A couple of you commented you’d rather save your tips directly for ME, which I highly appreciate! To that end, it’s been several months since I did a direct incentive campaign to spur donations for myself, so here goes.

Regardless of the results of the poll above, I’m also planning to do some more pieces from other people’s points of view before the next major plot arc starts. With a donation of any amount between now and May 15th, you get to vote who we hear from: Remo, Jonathan, Bart, Christian, or Digger (or someone else?). The fundraising goal on this one is $250, which is basically enough for me to take the writing time necessary to ensure an even flow of new posts for a few months once the next plot arc begins. Vote by emailing or putting a note with your paypal donation.

The exciting thing about this next plot arc is that it will be all new. The sketch of what happens in Daron’s life was mapped out decades ago,and until now you’ve been reading about 90% material that was pre-written back in the day. But we’re coming to the end of the material I wrote. We’re not coming to an ending. Endings were first of all very out of fashion when I was getting my MFA (David Foster Wallace and Neal Stephenson had just become literary sensations at the time, and neither of them could write an ending), and second of all I didn’t so much end it as I FORCED MYSELF TO STOP.

The scary thing about the new plot arc is also that it will be all new. It’ll be interesting to write new material from Daron’s point of view, which I haven’t done in a while. It’ll also be interesting to see how often I’ll be able to update. It’s probably going to come down to a time=money equation and you guys are my bosses. In an ideal world, if the money is there demanding three posts that week, I will make three posts that week. In the real world it will probably mean each month I will average out to the right number of posts to match the donation levels. (I’ll be counting ebook sales and Project Wonderful ad revenue in my monthly earning totals as well, but so far income from both those sources has been minuscule.)

And once in a while we’ll also do bonus campaigns that aren’t about money, but other efforts, like referring new readers to the site.

We’ll see how it goes. As always your suggestions, ideas, enthusiasms, and recommendations are welcomed. I’m having a fabulous time and Daron’s looking forward to telling more of the tale.

So, right. Donations please! To save on Paypal fees, if you are using a paypal account, just choose the “send money” option, then click the “personal” payment tab instead of the default tab. Magically, Paypal decides not to charge either of us a fee unless we’re in different countries, and then it’s a reduced fee from the normal one. Use the payment address and put your note for who you’d like to see stories from in the email to recipient section, or email me separately if you need more space!

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