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Daron here. ctan was gone over the weekend to an alternate universe where Harry Potter is real or something, so Thursday’s post went off into the ether somehow. And I just noticed last Monday’s post actually appeared on Easter Sunday… Don’t ask me how we got that one wrong. I always suck at telling what day of the week it is; thankfully my manager(s) usually figure it out.

Anyway, quick fundraising update: donations are coming in pretty slowly right now, so I don’t think we’re going to make the current goal. A small flurry of tips came in at the start of the campaign, but nothing over the past two weeks. So I am taking it on myself to up the ante a little.

For every $100 raised before May 7th (this Friday), I’ll come out to someone new. We’re currently only $45 from someone right now! Put in a donation of any amount and you get to vote on who I tell next! And how’s this? I’ll do it before the end of May.

Previous poll software didn’t work that well, so just put it in the message section of your donation who. Christian and my father are the next two most obvious targets, but I have a couple of others in mind. Like Martin, Remo’s drummer, and my other roommates. If you have no preference, that’s fine, too.

Find all the donation options spelled out on the Tip Jar page:

We will return to regular posting tomorrow, barring unforeseen technical problems. (Still trying to figure out what went wrong last Thursday…)

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