340. DGC Extra: Ziggy’s notebook

Saturday bonus post! Today, I thought I’d give you a glimpse of the notebook Daron looked through in the post earlier this week, filled with the songs Ziggy has been writing. Here are just a few, and they’re still rough notes, since until he and Daron sit down and work out the details of the song, the lyrics could always change. I’m fairly sure Ziggy didn’t intend all of these to be seen… but you know, sometimes it’s hard to tell with Ziggy.

I was waiting
only waiting
for the time to break through

You are waiting
quiet hating
for the world to break you

I needed you more
Your heart was a mess
You should love yourself more
I should love myself less

I was bleeding
only bleeding
not like a heart attack

You were bleeding
desperate, needing
the knife pulled from your back

I needed you for
so much more than this
You should love yourself more
And I’ll love myself less, promise, promise, promise

Promise I’ll love you more
If you don’t love me less, promise, promise, promise

Old man lives in shadow
The door under the stairs
His face in the window
He just frowns and glares

run and hide, run and hide
deep inside, deep inside

Scare-man under the building
Like some fairy tale troll
Gonna go and snatch the children
Hide ’em deep inside a knoll

deep inside, deep inside
step inside, step inside

Bad wolf will come and eat you
Wicked witch bake you in a pie
Green giant takes you up the beanstalk
Troll man is gonna make you cry

make you cry, make you cry
deep inside, deep inside

I tried to write a song for you
In a noisy bar after a show
Every night you show me something new
Check please I think it’s time to go

time to go
time to go
time to LET go

You leave me so high and dry
I’ve no idea what to do
Some days I want to scream and cry
Or forget you in the taste of booze (blues?)

time to show
time to show
time for THE show

I tried to write a song for you
But the words wouldn’t come out right
I wish we could just start anew
But no more hiding, no more fight

Time to know
Time to know
Time for OH NO

Looking at life
in the back of a spoon
reflected all wrong
dark side of the moon

Looking at you
through the backs of my hands
in the dark of the night
my heart’s making plans

Looking to leave
at the end of the year
that’s what I’m saying
to keep down the fear

Looking at me
At the top of my game
But dying inside
When you don’t call my name

Looking so right
the right kind of smiling
no one would think
that I’m thinking of dying


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