484. Ziggy’s Diary: 12

What I did during the evening meditation session today was write another song in my head by memorizing it line by line.

It’s a terrible song. But I’ll write it down anyway having made the effort. Maybe get it out of my system.

The year I lived
at the top of a tree
on top of a mountain
so far away

A giant eagle
flew up to me
majestic and fierce
and so very free

I tried to calm it
So scared of me
Eagles fight wars
We’re all enemies

What nobody knows
Is the top of the tree
Is a prison cell
Trapped in the sky

My one chance
to sly and be free
was the golden eagle
that flew up to me

Majestic and fierce
And so very free
With feathers like knives
Wings wide as the sea

I loved the eagle
I was gentle and sweet
I won it over
And made it love me

And one by one
I took its feathers away
So I’m no longer alone
Trapped in the sky

I’m cringing because I think the song is terrible. But right after I write something is the worst time to try to judge it. Sometimes I look at things later and they seem good. Other times I think after finishing a song that it’s awesome, but when I look later it’s crap. So who knows.

I want to stop feeling the angst that drives me to write this kind of thing. Even if the song is good. Is that reasonable?


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