Happy Anniversary, DGC!

Hello readers, friends, and fans! It’s November 1, 2018 and that means…

It’s time to begin the DGC 9th anniversary celebration, and officially kick off the DGC “Final Year”!

There are quote marks around “Final Year” not because it’s a title but because it’s not probably going to be EXACTLY a year.

Tonight I am supposed to do a livestream chat with you all but I have to postpone it until next week. I came down with a bug of some kind earlier in the week and I spent basically all of Wednesday unconscious and Thursday is looking like it’ll be the same. I think I’ve got infected sinuses and my ears and throat hurt. It’s pretty awful and I’m in no shape to talk live! So please forgive me pushing the chat to next Thursday.

When it does happen, first, Daron will chat with you all from 8pm to 9pm eastern time via the chat window right here in DGC (pull the blue “chat” tab over the the right —>) and then I’ll come on at 9pm with video.

Youtube has supposedly made it a lot easier for livestreaming to happen, and if the technology works you should be able to see the video in the window embedded below:

Here’s the youtube link to open it yourself: https://youtu.be/Xmew_g9ktp8

Meanwhile I promise a chapter is forthcoming as well, but aforementioned sinus & cold thing is keeping me from being ready to post it. I’ll try to get it up later today but I might not be able to actually finish proofreading it. Meanwhile, though, it’s time for the first of the official celebration art posts I’ll be making this week. That’s right, I’ve got art and my plan is to post a new piece every day while we’re celebrating, along with some tidbits and lyrics and outtakes…!

So up first…!

Just about exactly a month ago I posted one of the Ziggy portraits a little early. Here’s another for the Ziggy portrait gallery!

Art by Youqing

Here is Ziggy in customary heavy eyeliner giving us a coy Mona Lisa smile.

Tell me, what do you think he’s smiling about? I love to hear what people think is going on in Ziggy’s mind!

Much more to come. Thank you for being here for nine years!! Perhaps Year 10 will be the most awesome of all?


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