Chat transcript Pt 3

11-16 17:25 Cecilia Tan: So even if some people reacted one way to something, it’s unlikely that reaction would be universal.

11-16 17:25 daron_moondog: Steve is.

11-16 17:26 Lenalena: He is? Where is Steve?

11-16 17:26 daron_moondog: He’s a reader who comments once in a while and who donated to Jonathan’s story.
Dunno where he is tonight.

11-16 17:26 sanders: Seems like the biggest factor would be that *Daron* isn’t actually Team Jonathan.

11-16 17:26 Amy: I am! I like Jonathan.

11-16 17:27 daron_moondog: *cough cough*

11-16 17:27 Amy: But I agree, Daron is totally not on that side, so I don’t really push it when I comment since I can see the writing Daron is so painstakingly scrawling on the wall.

11-16 17:27 daron_moondog: I think the only thing all readers agree on is they hate my dad.
I’ve done a terrrrrible job of maintaining any suspense about me and Jonathan I think.

11-16 17:28 Lenalena: Dude, when it doesn’t work it doesn’t work. Nothing suspenseful about it.


11-16 17:28 sanders: Seconding Lena.

11-16 17:29 daron_moondog: I was so wishy washy about getting into the relationship in the first place and it’s been hard not to just start every chapter with “And then the latest thing that happened in my totally doomed relationship…”
So I think that colors people’s feelings about Jonathan.
My Totally Doomed Relationship is the name of my Morrissey cover band. *badump bump*

11-16 17:29 Amy: But I do think you do a decent job of showing us that he’s really a good guy.

11-16 17:29 Lenalena: It doesn’t help that Jonathan doesn’t seem as into you as he is into having a relationship in the first place

11-16 17:29 daron_moondog: He is a really good guy.

11-16 17:30 sanders: He is a good guy but he’s the really wrong guy for you, exactly because of what Lena said.

11-16 17:30 daron_moondog: But I think Bart hit the nail on the head, too. What J was attracted to was the tiger, but he wanted to domesticate me into a housecat.

11-16 17:31 Lenalena: I’ve been the Jonathan in a relationship, believe me, it’s not something that makes you happy in the long run

11-16 17:31 ed69: can tame that
can not

11-16 17:31 daron_moondog: And I sure feel like an animal in the zoo every time our upstairs neighbors look in on us, like oh, what’s he doing now?

11-16 17:31 sanders: D, you just accidentally earwormed me with Robin Thicke.

11-16 17:31 Lenalena: keep going ed!

11-16 17:32 daron_moondog: *sings* “can’t touch this”

11-16 17:32 sanders: Dude! I was in Seattle last week and they were announcing MC Hammer doing a show out there

11-16 17:32 Lenalena: Your neighbors are domesticated and they want all couples to be the same to validate their own relationship

11-16 17:32 daron_moondog: Wait, Robin Thicke? Wha’d I say?

11-16 17:32 sanders: I almost booked a ticket back for that.

11-16 17:32 daron_moondog: MC Hammer still around? Good to know.

11-16 17:33 sanders: “tried to domesticate you, but you’re an animal. baby, it’s in your nature.”

11-16 17:33 daron_moondog: AHHH, yeah, that.

11-16 17:33 Lenalena: God I fucking hate Robin Thicke

11-16 17:33 ed69: daron if you were domesticated you would lose your self

11-16 17:33 daron_moondog: I honestly don’t know much about him. My impression is Robin Thicke is the latest guy who wants to be Justin Timberlake.

11-16 17:33 sanders: The best thing about that song was Glee this week and Sue Sylvester’s reaction to it.

11-16 17:34 daron_moondog: Except that Justin Timberlake is already himself.

11-16 17:34 Lenalena: It’s that whole song. Gloryifying rape culture.

11-16 17:35 Cecilia Tan: There’s a video parody out of the Blurred Lines video with women singing the song and cute boys prancing around.
Cannot remember who did it now but Google for it and you’ll probably find it.

11-16 17:35 cayra: ugh

11-16 17:35 Amy: Yeah, Blurred Lines makes me want to hit someone.

11-16 17:35 Lenalena: I’ve seen it linked. I hate watching web videos though, so i tend to avoid them.
Ditto, Amy

11-16 17:36 Cecilia Tan: Cute boys. I clicked. I’m predictable that way.

(It turns out there is more than one gender-reversed parody song/video of Blurred Lines! The one I meant was by Seattle “boylesque” troupe Mod Carousel:

But this one by some female Law students from New Zealand is also quite amusing:)

11-16 17:36 ed69: same shit use sex to sell bad music

11-16 17:36 daron_moondog: True.

11-16 17:37 Cecilia Tan: OK, here’s a question for Daron from a reader. “of all the celebrities who have come out since 1989, who surprised you the most?”

11-16 17:37 ed69: worse the music the more skin

11-16 17:37 daron_moondog: Jeez. A lot of people have come out since then.
I think the funny but sad but now-happy thing is how many come out and people are NOT surprised. Like, was I surprised about Lance Bass? I wasn’t surprised he was gay. I was surprised he came out. Except I wasn’t, by that point.

11-16 17:38 Cecilia Tan: Yes you were.

11-16 17:38 daron_moondog: Surprised isn’t the right word.

11-16 17:38 Cecilia Tan: You were totally amazed that he did it.

11-16 17:39 Lenalena: Sometimes I am more surprised when people are NOT gay. Like Bowie.

11-16 17:39 daron_moondog: Maybe I just don’t remember now. Ellen was more ground-breaking.

11-16 17:40 Cecilia Tan: Lena, I know, right? Bowie was one of those people who actually had a bisexual phase and passed through it.
Speaking as a bisexuality activist, that’s a valid thing to happen. It’s just a problem when people assume all bisexuals are just going through a phase.

11-16 17:40 daron_moondog: Yeah, a lifelong phase.

11-16 17:40 Cecilia Tan: Daron, you want to talk about why you identify as gay instead of bisexual?

11-16 17:40 Amy: I’ve found people will find some way to be a dick about every single possible sexual decision if you let them.

11-16 17:41 daron_moondog: Amy, so true.

11-16 17:41 ed69: do not let them

11-16 17:41 sanders: Easier said than done sometimes.

11-16 17:41 daron_moondog: And here’s the thing. I don’t really identify as gay, but it’s the closest thing I’ve got to a label that fits.

11-16 17:41 sanders: Especially in the US.

11-16 17:42 daron_moondog: I’m gay in the sense that I prefer guys. I’m not gay in the sense that I don’t fit into ‘gay culture’ at all. At least not in the US

11-16 17:42 ed69: u don,t know my reality then

11-16 17:43 cayra: ‘gay culture’ is something that irritates me a little

11-16 17:43 Cecilia Tan: We bisexuals feel a little betrayed by celebrities and public figures when they choose the gay or straight label, though, when they could be role models.

11-16 17:43 Lenalena: What’s your reality, ed?

11-16 17:43 sanders: But how do you define ‘gay culture’? It’s a pretty shifting, amorphous thing depending on where you are, who you are…

11-16 17:43 daron_moondog: ctan, you can have Ziggy. You can’t have me. It just doesn’t fit.

11-16 17:43 cayra: smells too much like having to conform to expectations to me

11-16 17:44 daron_moondog: Cayra, you hit it on the head. There is definitely a subculture I don’t fit.

11-16 17:44 ed69: been in relationship 20 years my boy friend

11-16 17:44 daron_moondog: I don’t mind the people in it enjoying their conformity. But conformity is death to me.
That’s why I wanted out of New Jersey in the first place.
Ed, congratulations

11-16 17:45 ed69: will be in may

11-16 17:45 sanders: You want to be unique. Just like everyone else. And, yes, congratulations, Ed.

11-16 17:45 Cecilia Tan: But D, don’t you think people are afraid of the label “bisexual”?

11-16 17:45 ed69: we do not fit in any of the boxes

11-16 17:46 daron_moondog: Yes.
I am afraid of that label. I got over my fear of being called gay. So that’s where we are and I’m sticking with it.
Ed, I think *most* people don’t fit the boxes.
But some people still try to.

11-16 17:46 sanders: Do you think one of the reasons people are afraid of the label is in part because they’re afraid they’ll get… questioned for not fitting those supposed boxes?

11-16 17:47 daron_moondog: I wish everyone had more freedom to “roll your own.”

11-16 17:47 cayra: By the way, what are your thoughts on all the emerging new labels for sexuality, gender or the lack thereof? Good? Bad? Confusing?

11-16 17:48 daron_moondog: The word bisexual comes loaded with a bunch of expectations, I think, which vary so much from person to person that the label first of all might not be that good at communicating what people mean.
And second, a bunch of those expectations are negative ones.

11-16 17:48 Lenalena: Did anyone read the Dani Alexander-Sonny Hassell interview about bisexuality? Great questions, great answers:

11-16 17:48 daron_moondog: I also haven’t kept up with all the new lingo.

11-16 17:48 Cecilia Tan: Ooh, *clicks to read later.*

11-16 17:49 cayra: I think instead of accepting that people usually don’t fit into boxes, they’re just trying to invent more new boxes.

11-16 17:49 Cecilia Tan: I’m not a big fan of labels in general.

11-16 17:49 cayra: Many many different boxes.

11-16 17:49 Cecilia Tan: But I like that people are trying to invent new boxes.

11-16 17:49 sanders: Ed, can I ask a fairly personal question? I’m assuming with 20 years in your relationship, you’re at least mid-30’s, so relatively comfortable with who you are as a person. Do you think part of the attempts to fit into the boxes are something we grow out of? Because I’m inclined to think that’s the real phase, or at least it was for me as bi/queer woman when I was in my teens and 20s.

11-16 17:49 Cecilia Tan: Trying to invent new ways of looking at it, and that there are a lot more possible sexual identities and orientations than the “big” words.

11-16 17:50 cayra: I guess it makes it less easy to ignore the reality of those orientations.

11-16 17:50 ed69: I am 52 my man has not grown out of it at 50 i have

11-16 17:50 sanders: *nod*

11-16 17:51 cayra: Having a box can mean security, too, I guess.

11-16 17:51 Cecilia Tan: Personally I stick with “bisexual” to describe myself since that’s what I picked in the 1980s and I haven’t changed that much, even if the world has.

11-16 17:51 cayra: Easier to say ‘this is who I am’.

11-16 17:52 Cecilia Tan: There’s a way in which the “bisexual” label also says more about what you’re not than what you are. I like that people have to stop and think about what I mean by that.
Even if they get it wrong.

11-16 17:52 daron_moondog: That’s fair.

11-16 17:52 ed69: being gay or bi does not define me its just what is

11-16 17:52 daron_moondog: I see some more viewers joined us.

11-16 17:52 cayra: If there was a label for me to use without verbal tetris, maybe I would like labels better.

11-16 17:53 Cecilia Tan: Cayra, yeah, I feel sometimes like it takes so many adjectives I’m like something on a gourmet menu.

11-16 17:53 cayra: Now that is an awesome thought.

11-16 17:54 Ver: *waves*

11-16 17:54 daron_moondog: ctan is served with a side of chipotle slaw and a cabernet reduction.

11-16 17:54 Lenalena: And alphabet soup

11-16 17:54 Cecilia Tan: Hi Ver! Feel free to jump in with a question for either Daron or me!

11-16 17:54 ed69: I ll join that gourmet menu

11-16 17:55 Ver: I’ll probably mostly observe, but thanks. 😀

11-16 17:55 Cecilia Tan: I’m an omnivore, that’s for sure…

11-16 17:55 cayra: Haha, maybe back to the music? I’d be interested to know what kind of contemporary music you like.

11-16 17:56 Lenalena: I’d also like to know what everyone thinks Moondog3 sounds like. What badn does it compare to, for you?

11-16 17:56 Cecilia Tan: I’ve been sidetracked out of contemporary music by dint of being a writer who never leaves the house anymore. So most of my new interests are in world music and stuff that I find through Pandora.

11-16 17:56 daron_moondog: Like Lindsey Sterling.

11-16 17:56 sanders: She’s AMAZING

11-16 17:56 cayra: yessss

11-16 17:56 Cecilia Tan: Yeah. Thumbs up Lindsey Sterling.

11-16 17:57 cayra: most of my new music obsessions I find via Youtube.
Since I own neither radio nor TV.

11-16 17:57 sanders: Anyone who hasn’t seen her, she’s this lovely *joyful* woman with crazy violin skills who looks like she *loves* her job.
I dare you to watch her and not grin.

11-16 17:57 daron_moondog: I’m really interested in how there’s been this sudden shift in contemporary pop music with these kind of angst-folk bands.

11-16 17:57 cayra: Angst-folk?

11-16 17:58 Amy: You mean like Mumford and Sons and the Moustache of Awfulness?

11-16 17:58 daron_moondog: Like the Decemberists, and Mumford & Sons

11-16 17:58 sanders: the moustache of awfulness?

11-16 17:58 daron_moondog: And a whole bunch more. Crap, what’s the name of that band from Ramsey, NJ?
They do a song about a submarine or something?

11-16 17:58 Amy: That was a commentary on Mumford, not a band

11-16 17:59 Lenalena: Lumineers?

11-16 17:59 Amy: I can’t think of them without wanting to shave their singer

11-16 17:59 Cecilia Tan: You mean the Lumineers

11-16 17:59 sanders: LOL. It should be a separate band. That thing needs its own post code.

11-16 17:59 daron_moondog: YES. Thank you.

11-16 17:59 Lenalena: I find Mumford weirdly unbritish….

11-16 18:00 daron_moondog: There’s some kind of facial hair thing going on all over these days it seems.
In sports, too.

11-16 18:00 Amy: You can’t blame Mumford on Movember, though

11-16 18:00 daron_moondog: Not that I am into sports.

11-16 18:00 Lenalena: It’s Movember

11-16 18:00 Amy: He has that horrid little caterpillar year round.

11-16 18:00 daron_moondog: Not my thing.

11-16 18:00 Lenalena: I think the facial hair is a hipster thing

11-16 18:01 Cecilia Tan: I think it’s that things have to go through cycles. What’s in goes out until it comes back in again.
Hippies to hipsters, just took a couple of decades.

11-16 18:01 sanders: At least Gen X knew it had bad facial hair. It wasn’t trying to make bad facial hair an ironic statement.

11-16 18:01 Cecilia Tan: OK wait but there was a question up there we missed answering.

11-16 18:02 Amy: Folk-angst is just the new hot way for white people to show how tormented they are.

11-16 18:02 daron_moondog: Lena wanted to know what band you think Moondog Three sounds like.
This should be good.

11-16 18:03 Cecilia Tan: Shut up, you.
They occupy a space musically not dissimilar to the space occupied by Jane’s Addiction.

11-16 18:03 daron_moondog: You sound like Jonathan there.

11-16 18:03 Cecilia Tan: I used to write critiques on the backs of albums at the radio station.

11-16 18:04 Ver: Well, Jonathan has to come from somewhere, right?

11-16 18:04 Cecilia Tan: Right.

11-16 18:04 daron_moondog: So, Jane’s Addiction, except Ziggy doesn’t sound like Perry and I don’t sound like Dave Navarro.

11-16 18:04 Cecilia Tan: Actually Dave Navarro sometimes does sound like you.

11-16 18:04 Lenalena: I can live with that

11-16 18:05 Cecilia Tan: But yeah, if Perry Farrell is an oboe, Ziggy is…

11-16 18:05 Lenalena: an air raid siren?

11-16 18:05 daron_moondog: You’re stuck because there isn’t an instrument versatile enough to be Ziggy’s voice.

11-16 18:05 Cecilia Tan: LOL

11-16 18:05 Amy: I like to think of Moondog3 as less irritating than Jane’s Addiction can be…

11-16 18:06 daron_moondog: That’s because Ziggy isn’t as irritating as Perry Farrell.

11-16 18:06 cayra: Are you sure?

11-16 18:06 daron_moondog: I mean vocally.
Personality wise, well…

11-16 18:06 Ver: XD

11-16 18:07 sanders: I can’t come up with a good single band to compare to what I imagine Moondog3 sounding like. It’s more if I could assemble a super group, I might be able to come up with something. I wouldn’t have guessed Jane’s Addiction, though.

11-16 18:07 daron_moondog: Speaking of lead singer divas, Farrell’s the guy who held his band hostage until at the last minute before they signed their major label deal giving him 80% of all the publishing rights.
He was like “I know we were supposed to split everything equally, but I’m the most important and I do the most writing.”

11-16 18:07 Lenalena: Give me your supergroup, sanders 😀

11-16 18:07 Amy: Sounds charming. Ziggy is definitely less irritating than that.

11-16 18:08 daron_moondog: Which is a dick move no matter how you look at it.
Ziggy is… at least… I should shut up now.

11-16 18:08 Lenalena: oh yeah, Ziggy just fucked Daron over to get his own way. He tried anyway.

11-16 18:08 Ver: I think it’s less about being obnoxious and more about your ego being bigger than the moon.

11-16 18:08 Amy: Yeah, see, I’m not on Team Ziggy either. I’m on Team Daron Needs to Be Happy.

11-16 18:08 Ver: Which… well, Ziggy has an ego, but it’s not THAT big.

11-16 18:09 daron_moondog: Your lead singer is ALWAYS going to be a narcissist and a megalomaniac. IF they weren’t they wouldn’t be a good front man.
It’s all about channeling it properly.

11-16 18:09 Ver: I don’t know hy it posted that twice. XD

11-16 18:09 Cecilia Tan: I think I only see it once…

11-16 18:09 Ver: Huh.

11-16 18:10 Cecilia Tan: Anyway, so use Jane’s Addiction as a reference point, very guitar driven but not really metal, not really punk, with a big sound but that didn’t fit corporate ideas of what an arena rock band should sound like.

11-16 18:10 Ver: Yeah, I mean, I’d be all for Team Daron Needs to Be Happy, if we even had a clue as to what that entailed exactly. XD

11-16 18:10 daron_moondog: Working on it.

11-16 18:11 Ver: I know. 😛

11-16 18:11 Cecilia Tan: You can toss in some INXS to the mix for Ziggy’s vocal range and style (though his range is higher than Michael Hutchence).

11-16 18:11 daron_moondog: And toss in The Cure for Ziggy’s writing style.

11-16 18:11 Lenalena: Hah! I was just going to compare Ziggy to Michael Hutchence!

11-16 18:12 Cecilia Tan: It still hurts me to think about Michael Hutchence being gone.
Like I never got over it.

11-16 18:12 Lenalena: Especially the stupid way he went

11-16 18:12 Amy: I may not be Team Ziggy but I’m not Team Ziggy Succeeds at Suicide…
(that wouldn’t make Daron happy at all)

11-16 18:12 Ver: No, definitely not

11-16 18:13 Cecilia Tan: For those who don’t know the story, Hutchence suffered a blow to the head and had been acting erratically ever since. Outbursts of anger, etc.

11-16 18:13 Ver: Oh, yikes.

11-16 18:13 Cecilia Tan: He committed suicide by hanging himself.

11-16 18:13 Ver: :/

11-16 18:14 sanders: The anniversary of his death is coming up in a few days, I think.

11-16 18:14 daron_moondog: Yeah. We really lost him too young.

11-16 18:15 Cecilia Tan: I know I say no spoilers but I will say this. Ziggy will not be succeeding at suicide if for no other reason than I wouldn’t do to you all what Hutchence’s death did to me.

11-16 18:15 Lenalena: You think it a side effect of being the diva singer that suicide seems like a viable option

11-16 18:16 daron_moondog: Much less what it would do to me?

11-16 18:16 Cecilia Tan: *blows raspberry at Daron*

11-16 18:16 sanders: I’ve tended to take his survival for granted since he’s around to answer comments and hint at still being around present day.

11-16 18:17 Ver: Well, that and brain damage is a difficult thing, in Hutchence’s case.
He may have felt like he’d lost himself and was never going to be able to recover it.
….not to be morbid or anything. XD

11-16 18:18 Cecilia Tan: Lena, I think there is a thread of narcissism in some suicide, yeah. It’s like you can’t see beyond yourself at all, but your self esteem is at an all time low at the same time.
I have some other questions from readers we should try to get to though!
Joe said he didn’t think he would make it but he’ll look at the chat log later. *waves*

11-16 18:18 daron_moondog: Yeah. Joe sent a question. If you don’t know the George Michael song “Kissing a Fool” you have to go watch it on Youtube now before I can answer it. Actually I have to go watch it because I don’t know the song off the top of my head.

11-16 18:18 Cecilia Tan: Here’s the question: “George Michael’s Kissing a Fool — who’s singing it to who, you to Ziggy or Ziggy to you? Or are you both singing it with one voice? This is a story-present question, not looking for spoilers or anything for the future.”

Here’s a link to the video with lyrics:

11-16 18:19 daron_moondog: Whoa! Didn’t know it would appear in the window like that.
Can we watch it now?

11-16 18:20 Cecilia Tan: Here’s just the lyrics for those who don’t want to watch the whole video
Wow, didn’t know George Michael did such a torch song kind of thing! I feel like I should put a dollar into a jar on a piano…

11-16 18:21 sanders: I just learned I have it on my computer, and apparently have heard it enough to know it.
It’s from Faith, so a while ago.

11-16 18:21 daron_moondog: Yeah. You can hear how young his voice is. Well, you can if you’re me…

11-16 18:21 Amy: I have a cover from the Down With Love soundtrack

11-16 18:21 Ver: I kind of feel like that’s Ziggy to Daron, but that’s just me.

11-16 18:21 sanders: And still not as young as listening to Wham!

11-16 18:22 daron_moondog: It’s 100% Ziggy to me.
I think.

11-16 18:22 Ver: 😀

11-16 18:22 Amy: I think there’s too much ego in it to be Daron to Ziggy

11-16 18:22 daron_moondog: Yeah holy shit.
That’s definitely Ziggy singing it to me. For one, he’s the only one who can pull off a torch song like that, second, have you looked at those lyrics? Jeez. Very very apropos to where we are in the story.

11-16 18:22 Ver: Yeah, that’s true.
About the ego.

11-16 18:23 Lenalena: I am seconding the Ziggy to Daron thing

11-16 18:24 daron_moondog: Kudos Joe for finding such a song so on point.
Are there other songs you guys hear that make you think of us?

11-16 18:24 Cecilia Tan: *crickets*

11-16 18:24 Ver: Hmm, I’m going to have to be totally honest here and say that I’ve never really thought about it.

11-16 18:24 sanders: Era appropriate or semi-current?

11-16 18:24 Lenalena: I have to THINK!

11-16 18:25 daron_moondog: LOL

11-16 18:25 sanders: I have a whole playlist; it’s been going since the chat started.

11-16 18:25 Amy: Sometimes the songs you’ve put in the posts will remind me of the post later

11-16 18:25 Cecilia Tan: I think there’s a way that every pop song is about you guys, honestly.

11-16 18:25 Lenalena: I need to see that playlist

11-16 18:25 daron_moondog: But of course you think that.

11-16 18:26 sanders: Lena, I’m working on turning it into some kind of postable thing, but it keeps bloody growing by five or six songs a day.

11-16 18:26 daron_moondog: Wow

11-16 18:26 Lenalena: Oh, there is this Japan song that is very much early Daron. Let me find the title.

11-16 18:26 Cecilia Tan: Which reminds me to ask, What great songs from the 80s have I not used yet?
Since I am always adding to my gigantic list.
1970s ok too sometimes.

11-16 18:27 Lenalena: You haven’t used most of my last-hurrah-on-vinyl- collection!
Red g

11-16 18:27 Ver: ….I really have to pay more attention to those videos. *shifty eyes*

11-16 18:27 Amy: Hah well We’re Not Gonna Take it from Tommy by the Who just came on
Speaking of guitar-driven rock with a showy lead singer…

11-16 18:27 Lenalena: Red Guitar – David Sylvian, Blue Hotel by Chris Isaak

11-16 18:27 Ver: (The problem is half the time I’m on my phone when I read posts, so the videos don’t like to show up. So I got used to not watching them.)

11-16 18:28 daron_moondog: God yes more David Sylvian.

11-16 18:28 Cecilia Tan: Says the man who gets crushes on singers easily.

11-16 18:28 daron_moondog: Hush.

11-16 18:28 Lenalena: Don’t you forget about me – Simple Minds

11-16 18:28 sanders: Ooh, good one, Lena.

11-16 18:28 Cecilia Tan: Hm, have we not used that one yet?

11-16 18:28 Lenalena: I had a total David Sylvian crush in the 80s

11-16 18:28 Amy: Have you used Only Human yet?

11-16 18:28 Cecilia Tan: Only Human, I don’t think so.

11-16 18:29 Lenalena: The man is beautiful. And that voice. I thought he had to be gay, but no.

11-16 18:29 sanders: Anything from Tracy Chapman. Fast Car came to mind first, but Baby Can I Hold You would be dead on.

11-16 18:29 Cecilia Tan: Oh while I have you all here, another question. Do you like the new comment system on the site where you can login with Facebook or twitter?

11-16 18:29 Amy: I was hilariously reminded how much I love that song when it showed up in an insurance commercial.

11-16 18:30 Cecilia Tan: David Sylvian was once called the most beautiful man in the world, wasn’t he?

11-16 18:30 sanders: Baby Can I Hold you lyrics

11-16 18:30 Amy: I like that I don’t have to I don’t like using FB or Twitter to log in places.

11-16 18:30 Ver: I think the new system is confusing.

11-16 18:30 cayra: Mhm, I don’t really care for it. I don’t have facebook and I don’t really like giving things access to my twitter. So I keep logging in with Gravatar.

11-16 18:30 Cecilia Tan: yeah, I like that people can just enter whatever they want, also.

11-16 18:31 Lenalena: I don’t know if everyone thought that about David Sylvian, but I sure did.

11-16 18:33 Cecilia Tan: I installed it as part of a tools set that was supposed to make it possible to auto-tweet and autopost to FB when a post would go live. But that part seems to be broken.
So I may nuke it later.
OK last question for Daron from a reader. Any questions for me we don’t get to I’ll answer in video chat next!
“Of all the cities you’ve been to which is your favorite?”

11-16 18:33 daron_moondog: Well, I’m betting you can all guess which is my LEAST favorite.

11-16 18:33 Ver: Hahahaha

11-16 18:35 daron_moondog: And you have to remember that in some “cities” all I’ve seen is whatever you can see from the loading dock of an arena, which is basically the parking lot.
I mean, in some of these places the tour bus literally drives right into the building and I never even see the sky or touch the actual ground in a place.

11-16 18:35 Amy: So it just means your favorite won’t be one of those… You’re stalling.

11-16 18:35 Ver: You’re stalling, Daron. 😛

11-16 18:36 daron_moondog: It’s hard to pick a favorite.
I mean, Boston technically is my favorite city because if it wasn’t I wouldn’t have stayed here.

11-16 18:36 Ver: Fair enough.

11-16 18:36 daron_moondog: But aside from that.. hm.

11-16 18:37 Lenalena: BTW, the Japan song I was referring to as ‘early Daron’ is Nightporter.

11-16 18:37 daron_moondog: *hits play*

11-16 18:37 Lenalena: It’s 7 minutes. See you later!

11-16 18:39 daron_moondog: I’ll let it play while I answer.
Chicago is fun. Toronto is nice. Montreal I want to see more of.
I liked Boulder, Colorado a lot. People are laid back there in a way that’s similar to California but without being so … California about it.

11-16 18:39 Cecilia Tan: Don’t you think there’s a huge difference between southern CA and northern CA though?

11-16 18:40 daron_moondog: Well, yeah. LA and San Francisco may as well be different planets.
San Francisco is really fun to visit. But I don’t think I’d like living there.
Hard to say why.

11-16 18:40 Amy: Yeah, LA is not SF and thank god for that, or I might have to live somewhere with actual winter.

11-16 18:41 daron_moondog: I could imagine living there for a few months like while working on a project or something, but I think it would get exhausting after a while.

11-16 18:41 Cecilia Tan: Like New York.

11-16 18:41 daron_moondog: YES. Exactly.
New York and San Francisco are great cities for extroverts.

11-16 18:41 cayra: Any european country you’d like to visit?

11-16 18:41 Amy: I don’t think I could live in the city but I’m happy over in the East Bay
which is not quite The City and not quite Suburbia

11-16 18:42 daron_moondog: Yeah.
Well, no spoilers but I’ll eventually get to go to England, Spain, France, Germany, Finland. Right? It was Finland?

11-16 18:43 Cecilia Tan: Are you sure it wasn’t Norway?
I’ll have to look it up.

11-16 18:43 Lenalena: And Daron in Volume 3 post Ziggy would be Ghosts by Japan. Here’s a cool Deftones cover:

11-16 18:43 daron_moondog: Oh and Iceland. Got to go to Iceland.
I want to go EVERYWHERE though.
THere’s so much music everywhere.
And it’s all different.

11-16 18:44 Lenalena: You must be close to me, Amy!

11-16 18:44 sanders: Oh, now I wish this had been two weeks ago when I was in the East Bay.

11-16 18:45 daron_moondog: I know this song but not this cover.

11-16 18:45 Lenalena: We could have had a Daron coffee klatch!

11-16 18:45 Cecilia Tan: Seriously!
This is a totally different version of this song than the one I’m used to!

11-16 18:46 sanders: Exactly! Part of being out there was having a fanpeople gathering the last night, and I would have loved to have been able to talk DGC with someone.

11-16 18:46 Lenalena: I meet once a month with a bunch of m/m readers, but none of them have read DCG

11-16 18:46 Cecilia Tan: Aww.

11-16 18:46 sanders: You have to convert them.

11-16 18:47 Cecilia Tan: Someone asked me recently why there was no DGC fanfic.
I said I don’t know.

11-16 18:47 Lenalena: Believe me, I am trying. They’re more into Ty&Zane and all that shit

11-16 18:48 sanders: I haven’t written and posted any because there’s a weird lack of fourth wall, like with Shadows of the Templar and M. Chandler, only moreso.

11-16 18:48 Cecilia Tan: A friend I know through the fic world said she’s tried to write it but everything she usually writes fic for, this canon already has.
Oooh, the lack of a fourth wall, I hadn’t really thought of that.

11-16 18:48 Ver: Yeah, I think Sanders has it pinned.

11-16 18:48 Cecilia Tan: So it’s kind of like everyone’s inside already.

11-16 18:49 Lenalena: Fanfiction is usually written when canon doesn’t go the way fans would like it to go. I still have hope D&Z will eventually get where I want them to go.

11-16 18:49 Cecilia Tan: But yeah, the things I usually write fic for myself are to do things like queer a canon, or explore a relationship that the canon glosses over or seems to ignore, etc.

11-16 18:49 Lenalena: Exactly.

11-16 18:49 Cecilia Tan: Or to put teh sex in. >.>

11-16 18:49 Ver: Well, that and intimidation because the author might actually see it. O_O

11-16 18:50 Lenalena: Well, duh. We all need teh sex.

11-16 18:50 Ver: And how terrifying is that?

11-16 18:50 Cecilia Tan: LOL. So true. I think that’s one reason people don’t write a lot of Naomi Novik fanfic.
She might be reading it.

11-16 18:50 sanders: Fic also happens when canon creators aren’t readily available to discuss critique, and you’re immensely accessible, Cecilia. Which is the biggest thing that kept me reading DGC even when I wasn’t entirely into the story. It’s just incredible that you’re *present*.

11-16 18:51 Cecilia Tan: Novik’s books also though “go there” where fic would go, except she does it for you.
sanders, thanks. I really couldn’t help myself.

11-16 18:51 Ver: Although apparently John Green reads his fanfic, and there’s fandoms for those or so I’m told, so….

11-16 18:51 sanders: I think it’s different when you *know* the person is in fandom with you, though.

11-16 18:51 Cecilia Tan: I couldn’t stop Daron from commenting, either.

11-16 18:52 daron_moondog: She tried. She failed.

11-16 18:52 cayra: Go you.

11-16 18:52 Lenalena: Not a failure we mourn

11-16 18:52 Ver: But that’s good.

11-16 18:52 sanders: It’s really obvious that Naomi’s around, and I knew of ctan from fic long before I found DGC.

11-16 18:52 Ver: We like talking to you in the comments, Daron.

11-16 18:52 cayra: But yes, fanfiction usually fills a need. I don’t feel like I need fanfic for DGC.

11-16 18:52 Ver: *nodnod* Exactly.

11-16 18:52 Cecilia Tan: exactly.

11-16 18:53 Lenalena: Ditto, carya
Now Sherlock fanfic on the other hand fills a DESPERATE need

11-16 18:53 sanders: I don’t feel like I need it because I can ask for what I want and if I get enough other people to ask for it, we get it.

11-16 18:53 Ver: Hahahaha

11-16 18:53 Cecilia Tan: LOL
You guys are also good at predicting where I’m going with the story.

11-16 18:53 daron_moondog: And because I suck at keeping things secret.

11-16 18:53 Lenalena: That’s just wishful thinking

11-16 18:53 Ver: I think mainly it’s because we know Daron by now.

11-16 18:54 daron_moondog: Yeah, you guys know when I’m pretending not to notice something.

11-16 18:54 Ver: So we can kind of figure where he’s going to take it.

11-16 18:54 sanders: DGC, not Sherlock, because exactly what the world needs is more Sherlock fic. I’m running out of stuff to read and January is a long time from now.

11-16 18:54 Ver: Right.

11-16 18:54 Lenalena: That too. Especially when he doesn’t say things
We should compare lists, sanders.

11-16 18:54 Ver: Eh, I like the show, but never got into fic, personally.

11-16 18:54 sanders: We definitely should.

11-16 18:55 Cecilia Tan: Daron is a very unreliable narrator. Except he can be relied on to try to downplay things, hide stuff, etc…

11-16 18:55 Ver: Yeah. He should probably stop that.

11-16 18:55 Cecilia Tan: OK, so in 5 minutes I’m going to start up the video portion of the chat.

11-16 18:55 Lenalena: by now his unreliability has become reliable

(on to the final part: part 4)

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