Chat Transcript Pt 4

11-16 18:55 sanders: If you have good recs on places other than AO3, I’ll happily take them. My LJ ability to find things has decayed since the Archive got big.

11-16 18:55 Ver: You’d think he’d know by now that it always comes out anyway.

11-16 18:55 Cecilia Tan: People can continue chatting here too but I won’t be able to type too easily. But you can ask questions here and I should see them, I think?

11-16 18:56 sanders: But he’s kind of precious when he’s obviously being oblivious.

11-16 18:56 Cecilia Tan: Also there’s a chat window on ustream too I think.

11-16 18:56 Lenalena: LJ sucks. I post most of my recs on goodreads. Let me find a link.

11-16 18:56 cayra: yeah ustream has chat

11-16 18:56 sanders: Where do we go for the video chat?

11-16 18:56 Cecilia Tan:

11-16 18:56 cayra: pondering going to bed though. it’s 1 am here

11-16 18:57 Ver: Is there a sign in thingie for that, or is that like here?

11-16 18:57 cayra: ustream is non-choppy and good quality

11-16 18:57 Lenalena: The goodreads Sherlock thread is here. I think you can access it if you’re not a member:

11-16 18:58 cayra: might stay for a bit

11-16 18:58 daron_moondog: One in the morning is like the start of ctan’s second workday usually.

11-16 18:59 cayra: I see.
I took a nap this afternoon.

11-16 18:59 Amy: Lenalena, sorry, I left the chat for a few to go do grown-up life stuff… I’d be interested in tea & DGC fangirling!

11-16 19:00 Cecilia Tan: Is ustream working?

11-16 19:00 cayra: yep

11-16 19:00 Cecilia Tan: You should be able to hear a song and see me typing.

11-16 19:01 Lenalena: Amy, do you read other m/m? You could join our monthly meeting and we could DGC fangirl while the others rehash the latest Cut & Run

11-16 19:01 Amy: We can hear you typing!

11-16 19:01 Ver: Yep
I’m just apparently signing up for ustream. XD

11-16 19:01 Lenalena: Working for me

11-16 19:01 sanders: oh, for the love of… i’m having to sign up.

11-16 19:01 Amy: I don’t read other m/m that’s not fanfic, mostly because I haven’t found another one like DGC where they helpfully tweet the updates

11-16 19:02 Ver: m/m is kind of a cesspool, unfortunately
Some really good stuff, but mostly the editing is not up to par

11-16 19:02 Lenalena: I read tons of fanfic too. We should definitely meet.

11-16 19:02 Ver: And A LOT of stuff that should’ve never seen the light of day.

11-16 19:02 Amy: I’m also a Starving Artist, so I don’t read much that I have to pay for, haha

11-16 19:02 cayra: I know a handful good stuff.

11-16 19:03 Lenalena: You should join the Freeloaders on goodreads too, Amy. Lots of free fiction on there.

11-16 19:05 cayra: Weblit is awesome.
When I got into it, I pretty much did not read any fanfic for several years until I caught up with what original stuff was there.

11-16 19:07 sanders: I just discovered webcomics and they’ve eaten my weekends.

11-16 19:07 Ver: Ooh yes

11-16 19:07 Lenalena: Which ones did you read?

11-16 19:08 Amy: Ooh webcomics. I follow a few of those, but it’s so very random what I find and what I stick with.

11-16 19:09 sanders: I’m current on The Less Than Epic Adventures of TJ & Amal, and lost three days to reading Khaos Komix. I’m starting Aikonia, which isn’t terribly slashy, but I’m friends with the current artist and it’s fun to watch the pages come together from script to inked.

(ctan: I missed this part of the chat since I was doing the video portion, but yes yes yes to both TJ and Amal, and Khaos Komix, both of which I’ve linked to in previous Liner Notes!)

11-16 19:10 cayra: Gunnercrigg Court is awesome.

11-16 19:10 sanders: I’ve never heard of it but I’ll search after the chat.

11-16 19:11 cayra: It’s fantasy-ish with interesting themes.
Art style gets good really quick, too.

11-16 19:13 Lenalena: Love Tj& Amal and Khaos Komix. Have you tried Teahouse? Star Fighter? Tripping over You? And non-slashy: Minor Acts of Heroism?

11-16 19:14 cayra: Flaky Pastry and Sfeer Theory are good, too.

11-16 19:14 sanders: No, I haven’t. I’ve seriously only started in on them in the past month, so I’m still figuring out what’s out there and what’s good.

11-16 19:14 sanders: I’m taking notes from this, though.

11-16 19:15 Lenalena: All those are awesome. I have a list of less awesome ones too if you run out.

11-16 19:17 cayra: ‘I was kidnapped by Lesbian Pirates from Outer Space’ hilarious, retro and very pretty.

11-16 19:17 sanders: That’s a fantastic title.

11-16 19:17 cayra: it iiiis
it’s very long, and completed by now.
the artist does a bunch of lesbian-themed webcomics, some of them free.

11-16 19:18 sanders: Free is good.

11-16 19:19 cayra: *nod* Rosalarian’s two longes comics are free, though she does a few for a subscriber-only site.
Great webfiction..
A frequent traveller’s guide to Jovan

11-16 19:22 Lenalena: It says on the website she took it down last week.

11-16 19:23 cayra: ah hell

11-16 19:23 Lenalena:

11-16 19:46 Ver: ..either ustream is having problems or my computer is having problems.

11-16 19:49 Cecilia Tan: ok

11-16 19:53 daron_moondog: ctan is rebooting the video
come back in one minute

11-16 19:54 Amy: Maybe you should tell us how you’re like ctan while we wait, Daron

11-16 19:55 Ver: Heh, smooth.

11-16 19:55 daron_moondog: LOL I don’t dare
You know what she can do to me? Jeez.

11-16 19:55 Amy: She said she was gonna make you…

11-16 19:55 Ver: So you might as well anyway.
the chat box is gone?

11-16 19:57 Amy: It still seems a little freezy
I have the chat box, did it log you out, Ver?

11-16 19:57 Ver: that too
I don’t even have an option to log in

11-16 19:57 daron_moondog: Hm, Chrome is giving ctan freezing errors.

11-16 19:58 Ver: Gotta love technology -_-

11-16 19:59 Amy: Try Firefox or Safari?

11-16 19:59 daron_moondog: Everyone get a beer. She’s opening Safari I believe…
ok here she comes again

11-16 20:00 Ver: What was the link again?

11-16 20:01 Amy: I see you and hear you hitting spacebar…
I’m here:

11-16 20:02 daron_moondog: yep

11-16 20:02 Ver: Well the chat box is back.
I just have the spinny circle of death, though. XD

11-16 20:03 Amy: It’s fine for me, but, my computer is shiny and new-ish and tricked out for Photoshop

11-16 20:03 nonajf:Ver, the key for me was watching the entire ad not skipping. Then it let me watch the chat.

11-16 20:04 Ver: That’s weird, I never got an ad.
Either time I went in.

11-16 20:04 Amy: Adblock doesn’t make me get ads
Because Adblock is awesome.

11-16 20:04 Ver: OH. Just had to refresh it, apparently. 😀

11-16 21:06 daron_moondog: Night y’all. Thanks for chatting.

11-17 02:02 Joe Casadonte: Thanks for answering my questions! I got into a long game that shouldn’t have been that long and totally blew through the chat

*end chat*

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