February Donation Campaign: Support the Art(s)!

Cecilia here, with a note on our next big thing. Crowdfunded fiction and crowdfunded art have a lot in common. (And webcomics are both, you might say!) I follow a fair number of webcomics & illustrated serials and I notice many of my favorite artists take commissions.

What I thought would be fun is if I passed all the donations to DGC for a month on to some of our favorite artists to commission art of Daron and crew. Among those I’ve already approached about this concept, EK Weaver of The Less Than Epic Adventures of TJ and Amal, Tab Kimpton of Khaos Komix, and M.C.A. Hogarth of Spots the Space Marine, to see what they’d charge. I want to support the visual artists I enjoy (having zero talent in drawing myself) and I thought, hey, this would probably create a lot of fun and enjoyment for DGC readers, too!

So here we go. Every dollar donated between now and March 8 will go to artists to commission art of Daron et. al. Please comment here with suggestions for other artists you think I should approach, and when you donate, tell me if there’s a specific character (or characters) you want to see, and in what kind of pose or action. One caveat: no X-rated art this time. Not that I wouldn’t love it to bits, of course! But I’m trying to keep the site at R or below, y’know.

To ensure the maximum amount of the donation goes to the artists, please use the “personal payment” option of Paypal to make your donation, by choosing to “send money” to “ctan.writer@gmail.com.” Put “DGC art” or something similar in the message to me, if you can.

Likewise if you are an artist and want to try your hand at it, let me know what your commission rate is and who you want to depict!

Oh, AND of course the same rules as usual will apply, where any week we raise over $25, there’ll be at least one bonus story post. Daron’s working up to some major stuff soon (as if you couldn’t tell).


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