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Cry for Help

The rest of that day was uneventful. For me, I should clarify. Ziggy had another non-stop day and the rest of the band and crew had whatever adventures and dramas they were having. I’m sure there were some. Me, I mostly slept. I think I was recovering from being at high altitude and also maybe […]

Mind Playing Tricks on Me

I woke up in the morning still in my clothes, and from the way my arm felt and the depth of the wrinkles from my sleeve on my face, it appeared I hadn’t moved all night. I put myself into a steamy shower on the theory that if it got wrinkles out of clothes, it […]

Set the Night to Music

I went to find some other members of the band. If Ziggy was occupied kissing people’s asses, so be it. I wandered back through the party areas, slightly disoriented about what was officially party and what was random. (I never did quite learn the layout of that hotel.) One of the party rooms was a […]

My Body Says Yes

Show day. Every time I turned around, Rogelio, Marvelle, Brad, and Chris were doing the samba march drum thing. The thing about a drum cadence is you can do it endlessly. It’s not like a song that has a beginning and an end–it just goes around and around. So they’d do it until someone told […]

Up All Night

(Saturday post! Yeahhhh!) In the end Colin stayed with me that night, and Flip went in search of amusement, and I fell asleep with Colin rubbing my hand at like, eight p.m. When I woke up a few hours had gone by and I was disoriented at first because I wasn’t used to having slept […]

Love Is Like Oxygen

What a difference some oxygen makes. I woke up on our second day in Chile feeling like I’d fallen down a flight of small flight of stairs, which was an improvement to waking up feeling like I’d been run over in the middle of the night by a cement truck. I was hungry, which was […]

Something Good

Our next stop was Santiago, Chile. Santiago is another mountainous capital city but at a mere three thousand or so feet, people stopped worrying that Stella and I were going to black out at any moment. Well, they stopped worrying about Stella anyway.