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1071. Skin

Me and Court and Remo—on the advice of Dr. Lenin—decided to rotate. The way we did it is going to sound backwards, but bear with me. Instead of every 8 hours one of us being there with Claire, it was the other way around. Every 8 hours one of us took a break and left […]

893. Here Comes the Flood

(Okay, you know I’ve reverted to a really messed up state of mind when I get the posts out of order. *THIS* is the post that should have been posted today, and the post you may have seen before, “Destroyer” was for Thursday. Well, you got a sneak peek of how jumbled my mind was! […]

892. Cold Turkey

I think it was after I fell asleep during drum rehearsal that me and Flip and Carynne re-evaluated our strategy for the remaining scant Vitamin F supply we had. I seem to recall being in a van when we had this conversation. It’s difficult for me to remember certain details, for the obvious reason my […]

798. Live and Let Die

When there’s something on my mind, I don’t think very well. I mean literally, it’s like there’s something in the way of the gears of my brain clicking the way they should. I think addiction is having something on your mind constantly, something that’s not actually beneficial to you at all. Obsession, too–same deal. I […]