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Let the Music Do the Talking

“This is the biggest music venue in the United States,” Louis told me while I was waiting around for soundcheck. “Bigger than a football stadium?” I was sitting on the edge of the stage and he was walking around to keep his knee from stiffening up. The place was a shed: a covered stage with […]

Same Ol’ Situation

[TW: Racism.] I’ve been here before. I had that thought repeatedly at Lakewood Amphitheater. The loading dock was familiar. The men’s room was familiar. A particular part of concrete hallway was familiar. Over there was where Jonathan kissed me. And there was the spot where Courtney tore Dave a new one. But most of all […]

I Will Dare

When we rolled into Albuquerque I was ready to not be cooped up in the bus anymore, but I wasn’t looking forward to being cooped up in my room either. And honestly I needed a break from a night of socializing the Nomad way, which even if it sometimes involved getting on a stage always […]

Moving in Stereo

The next day was a day off. We had a six-hour drive to Albuquerque and we did it in the middle of the day. So there was no show, but there was a lot of time in the bus. Perfect time to work on Fran’s song, which you may remember we were going to do […]