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See the Lights

The last three shows of the tour were bam-bam-bam, a weekend three-fer, Friday, Saturday, Sunday. San Diego, Costa Mesa, and San Francisco. (Well, Mountainview, technically.) We rolled up the the San Diego Sports Arena at midday and I could see the crew was there but not the band, unless they had somewhere to hide the […]

Yesterday Girl

Digger did show up at the party. Not a big surprise. He weaseled his way in some way or another, whether through connections or sneaking up the fire stairs, who knows. But I would not have predicted that he wasn’t the uninvited guest who would cause the biggest ruckus. That would be a woman named […]

Call Me

Colin was waking me up gently, nudging me and saying my name in a soft voice. My first thought was that something terrible had happened and so he was trying to be gentle to me, to break it to me softly. But no. He was just being kind.