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Close to Me

Jonathan snuck out at some ridiculously early hour and I had no trouble going back to sleep after his murmured “see you tonight.” I slept until the wakeup call came at noon. At that point I was ravenously hungry. I dug through what was left of my clean clothes, figuring out what to save for […]


They smuggled us back across the street in a laundry van this time. I kind of wished there was a way to smuggle myself from the service elevator to my room without having to pass the suite. I knew if I walked past there, I would go in, and if I went in, I would […]


(Sorry for the late post, everyone. Technical difficulties! -ctan) — It felt like everything started to move really fast once we got to New York. For one thing, that first day we were hurried everywhere. A radio station, the BNC offices, a photo shoot at some hip cocktail bar while they were closed. The shoot […]