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Losing My Religion

The next day we hit the road for Philly and I spent the two-plus hour bus ride sitting by myself, staring out the window or resting my head on my arms. Whenever Bart or Chris would ask me how I was doing I’d shrug and tell them I was resting my throat or I felt […]

Boys Don’t Cry

I spent most of our day off in bed. Tread came to see me and I asked him to play through Windfall with me while I worked out some lyrics that meshed with the fragment Ziggy had left me. The song was coming out sweet, that much I knew. Room service, and this time I […]

Comfortably Numb

Belle woke me up shaking me by the shoulders. “Come on, rock star,” she was saying, “time to go.” I sat up slowly, waiting for my head to spin, but it didn’t. I knew the fever had broken before I touched my forehead. “I think I feel better.” The sky was dark outside, I realized, […]