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Something Got Me Started

You would think that Ziggy, being a total attention whore and proud of it, would want lots of it when he was in pain. You’d be wrong.

Who Wants To Live Forever

The next day I slept in, which was beginning to feel like a regular occurrence. I had slept even better than the night before, and I didn’t wake up already worrying about something. Amazing. That wall between me and Colin had been more of a weight than I realized. I made a note to talk […]

The Soul Cages

(So it turns out that the bonus sex scene I wrote that comes before this chapter ended up with a lot of important talk about relationship issues in it. So I recommend reading it first if you have it. If you don’t have it and you want it, drop at least a dollar in the […]

Make Out Alright

We stood there, at the unofficial border between the dining room and the living room, holding onto each other. You might’ve thought a million things would race through my mind. Maybe normally they would. But I stood there gradually stretching each finger on my right hand to try to relieve the cramp and letting all […]

Only Love Can Break a Heart

What do you do when your singer-lover-partner-muse has an ego crisis? Well, the first thing you don’t do is blame him—i.e. you don’t say, hey, if your ego wasn’t so inflated to begin with, maybe it wouldn’t have popped like a balloon. (Even if you might be thinking it.)

Smells Like Teen Spirit

I don’t remember buying the CD and I don’t remember leaving the store. I have a vague memory that before we left we got recognized by someone on the staff, but managed to escape before it could turn into anything. Maybe Michelle promised we’d be back or something. Mostly I remember trying not to cry […]

Come As You Are

I felt like my hand exercises, unlike my vocal exercises, were too easy. I would sit at the dining table at one end of the living room with my rubber bands in front of me and my feet flat on the floor, and do them. I had learned to have several rubber bands there in […]

Everybody Plays the Fool

Ziggy swore and folded his notebook open in his lap as we sat at the piano. “I going to write us an English version of this. I swear she did this just to torture us.” I hadn’t been too bothered by the fact that Priss’s homework assignment for me was to practice these German hymns, […]

There She Goes

Hand therapy wasn’t at all what I expected. The waiting room was full and seemed to be split evenly into two groups. Older, gray-haired people and young, mostly clean-cut people. A lot of the young people were wearing wrist braces. I kept my scarred hand in my jacket pocket. No one seemed to recognize me, […]

What Is Love?

I took the T to my counseling intake appointment. I came out of Kenmore Square in the middle of the afternoon and there were already ticket scalpers in Red Sox hats staking out their territories on the sidewalk. I walked on the overpass of the highway to get from Kenmore to the medical center where […]