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Meat Puppets

The middle of the night dilemma: Orgasm had relaxed me and a panic attack had cranked me right back up. So, what to do? Colin gave me a sip of whisky out of his metal flask and ordered me to lie back down. He proceeded to walk the heels of his hands up and down […]

The Rhythm of the Heat

I woke up desperately tired after two hours of sleep and could not remember where I was. It was dark and I could hear someone breathing but I couldn’t tell who from what I could hear. The bed didn’t feel like Ziggy’s bed.

It’s Only Natural

Our first stop was Venezuela. If you picture South America like an ice cream cone, Caracas is basically where the cherry on top of it would be. I don’t think we even changed time zones, just flew straight south like migrating birds, but I can’t really be sure since I slept through a bunch of […]

Jet Boy, Jet Girl

(Sorry for the delayed post! Web server and I both crashed overnight so it took a while to get it rebooted and the post re-loaded! -ctan) Remember how someone told me that Nomad traveled much lighter than your average big rock band? You might recall that when we flew to Japan the instruments and equipment […]

Let’s Talk About Sex

I took a long shower as if that could thaw my frozen brain. It didn’t work. But Ziggy didn’t object and he didn’t rake me over the coals or anything so that was good, I guess? When I emerged from the water I spent a very long time combing my hair. I had conditioned it […]

Don’t Ask Me

(Reminder! Submit your fanworks to or email to reserve a posting slot later in the summer!) — “Are you guys going to do that in the actual show?” Mickey asked. The run-through was over. I’d survived. I was sitting on the band riser with my hand in a bucket of ice water. Ziggy was […]

Boom Crash Opera

It’s been a while since I geeked out about equipment at you guys, because you know I try to keep it to a minimum. Otherwise I could go on all day about gear. But it’s time for me to tell you more about looping, which was Jordan’s idea for how to recreate something like the […]


Ziggy got up on the stage and clapped his hands for attention–a move that by then I realized he’d picked up from Josie, who’d no doubt learned it from some other dance teacher or choreographer or theater person, carrying on back through generations. Anyway, it worked.

Don’t Cry

[Reminder folks that the DGC half-time for the summer starts next week. I’ll still be posting on Tuesdays, which means Thursdays are open for fan posts. Share a playlist, guest post about anything DGC-related from music to LGBT rights, fanfic, fan art, video, songfic, songs, you name it. I could also use some volunteers to […]


Don’t laugh when I tell you the thing that made me feel instantly better was playing some music. I know. I know. This is the thing, though. I didn’t know how long that feeling would last because if I pushed too hard or went too long I knew what was going to potentially happen was […]