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Ordinary World

We got in late that night and I tried the number where Remo had said he’d be. By the zip code it looked to be somewhere in Tennessee and I wondered if he was doing another trip through bluegrass country or what. I got a hotel voicemail system and left him a message. He’d have […]

I Advance Masked

We ended up staying in New York until Monday night (or maybe it was Tuesday, doesn’t matter). We stopped by the office before heading out of town so Ziggy could sign something (or meet someone or whatever, doesn’t matter). Carynne was there and I sat down next to her desk and played with the Wonder […]


“Can I borrow your phone?” Sarah said to Ziggy after we were done with vocal exercises. I was feeling very calm afterward. So calm it was like being stoned. So calm that I sat there, zoned out, listening to Sarah call her mother. She stood in the kitchen, leaning against the wall, holding the phone […]

Tie Your Mother Down

So it turns out you don’t have to do a lot of drugs or have a lot of sex to have what I–and probably most people–would consider a rock star weekend. Magenta seemed determined to prove us “kids” weren’t going to outlast her and when you have three lead-singer types hanging out together, they will […]

Too Much Joy

We didn’t leave Jordan’s until brunch time the next day, when Sarah insisted on showing Magenta the best breakfast spot in the city, which was a diner in Hell’s Kitchen. It didn’t strike me as all that different from a hundred other diners in Manhattan but Sarah had settled on this one as her favorite […]

Give It Away

Jordan and I got talking some time after midnight. Of course we were still there. Jordan had eventually put a small tumbler of fine bourbon into my hand and I had been nursing it slowly like a long conversation with an old friend. J and his beau had left but a couple more people had […]

Good Time

A minute later Sarah burst in. “Oh my God, I’m sorry to crash your party but arrrghhhhhhhh!” She made a long, low scream of frustration. “I had to get away from my mother.” Jordan shooed her toward the table, where there were more chairs than people, while he went to get another wine glass. “I […]

The Escape Club

Somehow Ziggy and I were the first to arrive at Jordan’s. But the table had ten chairs around it. Trying to do the dinner guest thing right, Ziggy and I had brought a bottle of gourmet olive oil instead of wine. Jordan cooed appropriately over the oil and put it directly into a rack next […]

Fear of the Unknown

I met Matthew at a coffee place he liked, where they had a downstairs room with lots of little tables and chairs. We settled ourselves with very large mugs of coffee in one corner where the chairs were low and soft. There was music playing I didn’t recognize–good music, I mean–which earned the place points […]

Coast is Clear

By the time dinner was over, I had pages from two numbers that looked familiar. One I was fairly sure was Jordan’s, and the other was also a New York number. I knew midnight wasn’t too late to call Jordan so I did, from Barrett’s kitchen phone after Ziggy and I made a token attempt […]