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It took almost two hours of rehearsal to get the three dance numbers in the first half of the set to the point that Josie, Linn, Mickey, and Ziggy were all satisfied with what they had. I discovered that when I needed to enforce a rest on my hand, the rest of the band and […]

Bitter Tears

The only light in the apartment came from the streelights and the bluish glow of the numbers on the VCR. I could see no colors at all. A few feet away, Ziggy slept in the grand centerpiece bed, under a snow white duvet, his closed, lined eyes and tousled dark hair like slashes of urgent […]

The Dream Is Still Alive

By the time Linn was done, every member of the band and all the dancers had some electric blue in their hair. So did Mickey, the stage manager. Mickey was one of those guys who was going both bald and gray but that didn’t stop him from putting his hair in a pony tail. One […]

Bring the Noise

Out in the main rehearsal area I found Jordan with another friend in tow. “Trav.” “D.” We exchanged our complicated handshake and my hand didn’t even cramp up while doing it.

20th Century Boy

My hair consultation apparently wasn’t only with Bernard and Linn. Ziggy was standing there between them when I pushed open the restroom door and he looked me up and down critically. Well, all three of them sort of stared at me but it was Ziggy in particular I noticed. Not the most comfortable feeling. “Hey […]

Safe From Harm

Two days later, Bernard came by the rehearsal space with Linn and set up a traveling hair salon in one of the restrooms. I decided I couldn’t worry about what was going on with costumes or hairstyles even though underneath I was anxious about it. At some point months ago Linn had taken my measurements […]

It’s All Too Much

I debated whether to wear the brace for my hand to rehearsal. You know, have it on up until the last minute and then whip it off to actually play? I was debating whether it would be better to do that–and potentially have everyone treat me like glass, which might undermine my authority but might […]


The stupidest things can cause trouble for me. Back at the apartment, Ziggy was out. I got out my notebook and looked for where I had written down my plan for our rehearsal schedule, couldn’t find it, then decided I only thought about writing it down but didn’t actually. That wasn’t what caused the trouble. […]

I Have the Touch

I wanted to sleep for a week. Carynne and Ziggy let me have nine hours. That was pretty good. I actually only got seven, though, because there were two hours in the middle of the night when I woke up thinking about all the work that had to be done before we’d be tour-ready and […]

Elevate My Mind

(Saturday post!!) I woke up the next morning with Carynne knocking on the door. My head was still under a pile of pillows and so Ziggy got up first. He answered the door buck naked, which seemed overly Ziggy-like even for him, except maybe he knew who it was. “Not to rush you but a […]