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Rocket Man

One of the advantages of Ziggy being in stealth mode a lot then, was that his hair didn’t have a lot of stuff in it. Which meant I could run my fingers through it. Right then it was silkier than a conditioner commercial. So was mine. He buried his nose in it and breathed. “You […]

Under the Bridge

(Happy Christmas Eve, folks!) — Ziggy and I had a surprisingly nice dinner for being cooked in the mini-kitchen of the extended stay place. Ha! That tells you how my standards had changed. This “mini” kitchen was easily twice the size of the one in the Fenway studio I used to live in. Somewhere along […]

The Dream is Over

Courtney came in that morning to find me asleep on the side bed, still in my clothes, a pillow over my head. She was saying something to me as I woke, but I couldn’t really parse it. There were a bunch of other people in the room: doctors and nurses. I had a surge of […]

Lift Me Up

I spent that night at the hospital. Ziggy went back to the hotel after midnight but I stayed through till morning, as I often did. There was a bed I could sleep in but I didn’t sleep so much as nap at points when she appeared to be out cold. Sometimes she didn’t sleep, though, […]

Have You Ever Needed Someone So Bad

I ended up going back to the hospital, getting Ziggy, and then bringing him back to the hotel so I could tell him the whole story in four-part harmony, without interruptions or worrying who might overhear. He listened, sitting on the very rectangular couch, with one knee crossed over the other, a cup of lukewarm […]

Sue Me Sue You Blues

You probably want to know how I ended up trapped in a car with two sisters who were not getting along. Yeah, I want to know, too. I’m pretty sure it happened because I offered to drive them back to the hotel-type place, but I really should have been cannier and told Lilibeth that our […]

Until the End of the World

Remo and I had another talk with the hospice counselor. This one was a woman. We were sitting in the hospital cafeteria for this one. None of my sisters were present at the time, because the two older ones were having a fight somewhere and the younger one was with our mother.

Sting Me

A smile was not the reaction I had when I saw Lilibeth standing there, but it was Ziggy’s. I’m not sure he smiled because he was putting on a front for her or if he was truly delighted that now he wouldn’t be bored. Or both. I know. Or both. “Lilibeth Marks, I do declare,” […]

Bad Luck

(Happy Thanksgiving if you’re in the US! If you’ve spent time with your biological family and now you’re ready to spend time with your chosen family instead, welcome to Daron’s. -ctan) — Bart called. I woke up with the phone ringing, and I picked it up and it was Bart. I lay on the bed, […]

Achy Breaky Heart

Claire came out of surgery some time that evening. The words I remember the doctor using were that she was “out of immediate danger” and wondering how that was different from him saying “we’ve staved off the inevitable.” Maybe it wasn’t. I didn’t ask. Maybe Remo did. I wasn’t absorbing a lot.