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My Guitar Wants to Kill Your Mama

I woke up when someone shook me on the shoulder. I opened my eyes to find Ziggy kneeling backwards in the seat in front of me, frowning like maybe he’d been there for a while. He brushed the hair away from my eyes and I let him. “You okay?” he said.


At noon me, Chris, and Bart loaded up our gear and drove the couple of short blocks from the loft to the hall. The Orpheum might have once stood among other buildings of its vintage but now it was hemmed in by the department stores and blocky new office buildings of Downtown Crossing. We had […]

Who Can It Be Now

A few days later I was working the register in the record store when a gangly long-feathered-hair type in three quarter sleeves sauntered up. “Michelle said I might find you here.” “Yeah.” Do I know you? I didn’t say that, though, kept my face blank. “Bart talked to me about coming to a rehearsal, like […]

Waiting for the Man

By eleven o’clock, when we were supposed to play, Artie still hadn’t showed. About a dozen or so disinterested-looking New Yorkers had and the room looked a little bigger with people in it. Jeremy shrugged, indicating the empty stage with a jerk of his head. I held off until 11:15 when Ziggy stepped up on […]

Another Lost Classic

I was just wadding up a piece of toilet paper and wiping it under my eye when the door to the men’s room opened, bringing a blast of club/bar noise with it: jukebox pumped through the PA, bottles clinking, people talking in that rowdy bar way. The wad of paper came away from my skin […]

Invisible Touch

I always thought that eye makeup would be as garish and obvious to the wearer as it was to an onlooker—like horn-rimmed glasses or mirror shades or something. I was wrong; once the mascara and eyeliner and eyebrow pencil and whatever else were on, I forgot about them. Which meant that I got a mild […]

I Love Rock and Roll

I’m starting here because I have to start telling my story somewhere, and that night is as good as any. Actually, better than most. The year was 1986. The place, Providence, Rhode Island. Have guitar, will travel. * * * * After soundcheck me and Tollman and Doug smoked a little weed in the back […]