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Is There Something I Should Know?

Colin was waiting for me to finish my little chat, off in the wings. I asked him how his fingers were holding up. “A little sore, but okay,” he said, then blew on his fingertips. “You want your dog tags back?” “Thanks.” I took the laminates on a lanyard he held out to me. One […]


I think maybe my nerves were contagious. None of us sat down after Megaton started playing. It wasn’t as if the second they came off the stage we had to leap out there ourselves. We had plenty of time. There was some stage re-setting to do, and it being the first show with the new […]


Ziggy patted the seat on the couch next to him. I sat down cross-legged, sideways so I was facing him. He sat the same way and our knees touched. He brushed my hair back from my face with his fingers. “You want the old pencil, or you want to try the liquid waterproof stuff?” “Is […]