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All This Time

Jordan threw a Concussion Party for me. I’m not kidding. I don’t know who told him what was going on but what we found when we got to his place was ambient techno burbling in the background from a new surround-sound speaker system he’d recently installed and ambient lighting low. The first person I saw […]

How Much Is Enough

Okay. Here’s something that happened in New York that wasn’t a meeting. That night, after we’d eaten, and danced, and drank, and fucked, we were lying side by side in Ziggy’s living room bed, listening to the ambient rumble of wee-hours New York, and he said, “Couple of years ago?” “Mh-hm?” I thought he was […]

Too Much Pressure

(Happy New Year, everyone! If you missed the 2015 “DGC Annual Report” hop back to last Wednesday to read it. We’re up to $35.75 a week now via Patreon! Almost halfway to the first goal! Cool!! And thank you all so much for your support!! -ctan) — I never understood the expression “it never rains […]

Cradle of Love

When I woke up Ziggy was wearing me like a cape. We were nowhere near the pillows, curled in the center of the bed, with my arms around his neck/shoulders and the rest of me draped over his back. I freed one arm and pulled one edge of the duvet over us and then nudged […]

All the Things She Said

I’ll tell you about seeing Matthew later. Telling you about Ziggy is more urgent.