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Constant Craving

Albert shepherded us all the way to an absolutely immense reception in the Park Plaza Castle which was basically utter chaos of giddy graduates and their families milling around from one sparsely placed crudité station to another inside a giant stone box. It was a lot of people and a lot of noise and we […]

Personal Jesus

Then we had another day off. This time we went to Boston, where Carynne had cozied up to the Lyons brothers, so we were given the VIP treatment, by which I mean we had access to the VIP room at the Citi Club. I hadn’t quite realized it, but I guess Citi was trying to […]

No One Is To Blame

When I got back to the party, the jam session had broken up, the Ovation was in its case. I could tell from the way everything was arranged that Flip had been the one to put it away. Once a guitar tech, always a guitar tech. I went to find him to say thanks. He […]

In a Big Country

So by the time we got to Brisbane, it was the next day, which meant we didn’t see much of the place other than the concert hall and the hotel, since the day after that we flew to Melbourne. The main thing I remember is having breakfast in the hotel and feeling a sense of […]

World Party

The first person who accosted me in the main suite was someone I hadn’t been expecting but maybe should have. Lacey Montaigne hit me with a sing-songy “Da-ronnn!” and kissed me on the cheek like we actually knew each other. Fine. I know how to be nice to girls. Growing up with three sisters, it […]