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Wherever I May Roam

The reception was in a function room on one of the upper floors with large windows overlooking Boston Common. You know the story of the Common, right? Back in Ye Olde Colonial days it was the common area where everyone in town kept their cows and livestock. Supposedly the reason Boston’s streets are so crazily […]

Putting on the Ritz

I only slept four or five hours, and then I was up prowling the kitchen in the dark and then the studio, too restless to sleep when there was work to be done. Four days until Ziggy, and one day until I had to turn in roughs. And a matter of hours before I was […]

Girl on Film

The next day Jonathan went to his meeting, and Remo and I spent all afternoon in his home studio with him teaching me these parts and me overdubbing a bunch of soundtrack stuff. I had completely forgotten he’d told me months ago about a soundtrack he had been working on and I thought it was […]