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Take The Skinheads Bowling

We arrived in Boston to a heavy drizzle and I wished I had a warmer coat with me. It had been late summer last week and now it was seacoast New England autumn. Watt met us at the airport with his hatchback and Christian retrieved his van from the long term parking lot. None of […]

Roll With It

Part Three Skip forward to the early spring, then, to when things really began to happen. I was at work when the memo came around that Moondog Three’s album was no longer supposed to be shelved in the Local Rock section but in the Indie section, which was right next to the Local section but […]

Rock and Roll Part Two

My phone rang the next morning at noon. It was Andreas, the real tenant of my studio apartment calling to tell me he was coming back–finally–in six weeks. He was in Belgium. I left him on call waiting while I went to get a second call coming in. This one was Watt, wondering if I […]