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Girl on Film

The next day Jonathan went to his meeting, and Remo and I spent all afternoon in his home studio with him teaching me these parts and me overdubbing a bunch of soundtrack stuff. I had completely forgotten he’d told me months ago about a soundtrack he had been working on and I thought it was […]

All Night Long

When I woke later, Courtney was gone and everyone else was already up. I was the only one in the bus as far as I could tell. I found Carynne inside the building, having a discussion with Louis and a guy I didn’t know. All three of them had very serious looks on their faces. […]

I’ve Seen All Good People

Outside the backstage door there were ten or twelve people, mostly girls, waiting behind police barricades for someone famous to come out and make a dash for the limousine parked there. I asked the security guard at the door if I could get a cab. He said I could go around front, or he could […]