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All Night Long

When I woke later, Courtney was gone and everyone else was already up. I was the only one in the bus as far as I could tell. I found Carynne inside the building, having a discussion with Louis and a guy I didn’t know. All three of them had very serious looks on their faces. […]

Keep Your Hands to Yourself

The next morning, I woke to the sound of giggling. It took me a moment to remember it wasn’t just some groupie having a laugh. Then I started listening to what they were saying. They were in the back lounge, and with the AC currently running on low, I could hear them well enough. “A […]

Classic Girl

Courtney talked for two hours straight about our mother’s latest insanity. Get this. When Digger left? It was because she was cheating on him. With a born-again preacher. The only reason they went through with a formal divorce was so she could legally re-marry. He gave her everything, which I guess amounted to the house, […]

I’m An Adult Now

The first of the Austin shows went very well. I had the odd experience this time of looking down at the fans clustering at the front of the stage and recognizing faces. The bruise on Ziggy’s face was like a blackish purple swirl leading from the corner of one eye down toward his cheek. It […]

Love Vigilantes

Oh my god, I love Austin. Okay, not as much as Boston, but the second we pulled up to the place, I felt better. There were about fifty fans waiting at the edge of the driveway to greet the bus when we pulled in, waving signs and cheering. Some of them had the “Candlelight” lighters […]