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I’m An Adult Now

The first of the Austin shows went very well. I had the odd experience this time of looking down at the fans clustering at the front of the stage and recognizing faces. The bruise on Ziggy’s face was like a blackish purple swirl leading from the corner of one eye down toward his cheek. It […]

Sharp Dressed Man

(Donations this week have triggered this bonus post! Enjoy it, AND the Spin article will ALSO be coming soon!) By the time I got home my hand was starting to throb and I wondered what exactly I’d done. OK: buy gloves, learn to drive, get health insurance. I should have had the cab take me […]

That’s The Way You Need It

We all came off stage half crazed, still high from the signing, still high from the playing and energy, and I felt like I didn’t want it to end. In some weird way, I felt safer lusting after Ziggy up there than I did in a hotel room or tour bus. I wanted the game […]

Madness: One Step Beyond

We both stumbled as I crossed the threshold and he fell at my feet while I slammed the door and stood with my back against it. Let it not have been anyone important who heard all that, I prayed, my head spinning from what I’d drunk earlier in the night, but it felt like something […]

Fall On Me

A van was waiting for us at LAX along with two guys to collect our luggage. With some reluctance I handed over the Ovation’s case. The majority of our gear had been shipped already, including the Strat and my newer electric, an Ibanez, but this one I didn’t trust to anyone, yet. Funny how I […]

You’re All I’ve Got Tonight

My butt was numb against the bench by the time a punk in blue combat boots took up a position across the street. I crossed to his side, and walked up next to him. There was probably some elaborate ritual we were supposed to go through, like in a bar but more complex. I didn’t […]