Holy crow. DGC is #3 on the Amazon bestseller list!

Wow! I had no idea! I started listing the DGC vol 1 ebook free last month on Smashwords, just to draw more readers to the site, and the free price soon propagated to Amazon’s Kindle Store.

I was amazed to find, though, that the ebook is #3 on the free ebook bestseller list in the gay & lesbian fiction category! (They split the free books and the paid books into separate lists.)

I was so amazed by this I took a screen capture of it. Holy cats. (photo under the cut…)

Daron at #3 on Amazon's gay bestseller list!

Daron at #3 on Amazon's free gay & lesbian fiction bestseller list!


  • Amy says:

    And, if I can say so, Daron’s Guitar Chronicles is at least 60 times better than ‘Indestructible.’

    • ctan says:

      Aww you make me blush!

      The even more exciting thing is that since the jump onto the bestseller list, the traffic here at the DGC website has nearly doubled.

  • Debbie says:

    I just downloaded the free one and got the 2nd one from amazon today .I wanted to tell you how much I have enjoyed reading what is here and when the rest become avaliable I will be getting those too .Its really hard to find really good stories with a gay main guy and not have it all about sex.Don’t get me wrong I like that too but I want some story with it.You manage to do both .

  • sara says:

    Love these books…now I am at the point I have to wait for them sigh. Been reading nonstop for days…

  • Paul says:

    I just finished DGC Vol_1 literally five minutes ago (Read it in two days) Saw the info at the end and logged on. I loved it ! But it also made me a little edgy. It’s so very similar to my own life, Started playing at age 15 in bands (Seattle) in 1980 so much I can relate to with some major differences though. Mainly I never cared if people knew I was gay or not, I just was who I was and basically take it or leave it. But I really just wanted to thank you more than anything for writing something so very refreshing from the mountain of Ugggg out there =) I can’t wait to continue the journey ! It will be the first book I actually will buy from Amazon (Vol_2) that is. I’ve been catching up on years of no reading due to, well… a bit to personal for here.
    Thanks again, you’ve added a vitally needed work of art to literature !!!

    • ctan says:

      Paul, thank you so much and sorry I didn’t get to answering your comment sooner — I was out of the country and am just getting caught up again now. I’m so psyched you find the story realistic. Daron’s life parallels mine a lot, but you know, just because something was real doesn’t mean it always “rings true” in fiction. I hope you keep reading as the story progresses into the dreaded 1990s. 😉

  • Jeff says:

    I found this on Amazon about two weeks ago (DGC Volume #1). I finished it in no time and bought volumes 2 and 3 and ripped right through them. I love this story and cannot wait for more. I hope Daron and Ziggy can work through their problems and end up together, but if not that is ok too. I just can’t wait for more!

    • ctan says:

      Wow, so glad you’re loving it, Jeff. There’s definitely more to come. I wrote a couple of scenes this week and we’ll get rolling again real soon!

  • Dave in PT says:

    OK, so I read book one…I mean like it was free right? Well I couldn’t stop there…so I bought book 2 (Kindle edition). Now I’ve bought and finished book 3. And it’s clear that there’s got to be more to come. How long to book 4?

    • ctan says:

      I’m hoping to start posting the new stuff at the end of October, but it might have to be Thanksgiving. I’m on the road myself a bunch the next 6 weeks and some other deadlines are in the way! But I’m working on new chapters right now.

  • Cesy says:

    I just read the ebooks, and a friend mentioned there’s also fanart that I missed – do you have a handy summary of all the graphics, or do I need to search back through the chapters online?

  • Raynay says:

    I read the first book free from smashwords, then followed your link and I’m hooked on this web story! I’ve already donated once and will again when I have gotten caught up.
    Love it! BTW Digger’s a douch!

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